• Unique Gratitude/Success Journal Featuring Morning & Evening Prompts
  • Inspirational Quotes on Each Page

I’ve really enjoyed using my 3-Minute Morning Journal. I got in the habit of starting my mornings mindlessly browsing on my phone and I wanted to change that habit. This journal has totally done that. Now I focus on my goals, how I can help others and what is great about my life. This has been awesome and I highly recommend it.

I am all for anything that helps me start my day on a good note. I love the prompts in this book & the reflection they inspire. I also love that there are no specific dates on the pages. This may seem silly but I had another book with specific dates & you put in the year and I always felt so guilty missing a day. Then once I missed a few days I never wanted to do it again because I missed so many. Sometimes I just forget and so that adds a level of flexibility that works with my sometimes sporadic desires to journal. Also I got yellow and it WAY cute. The coloring isn’t obnoxious like some yellow can be but also bright enough to encourage me to use it. I do wish there was a small section to write down what my goals were that I was making a plan to work towards daily. But I just chose to write them elsewhere

What a great journal! I really care about keeping a journal, but sometimes it’s hard to make the time to write for a substantial amount of time. That is why a three-minute journal is the perfect solution! Something I really love are the three prompts you write about each day. I particularly like how the “goal” prompt is not focused on your work to-do list, but rather your long-term goals. This prompt helps you focus on steps to get you closer to accomplishing these long-term goals, which I find to be very inspiring and insightful. It asks you to write at the end of each day, and that is quite difficult for me. However, I love starting out the day with this three-minute journal and feel like it hones me in to have a productive and thoughtful day. Thanks for an easy and simple way to journal!

I really love this Journal and hey, they aren't kidding when they say 3 minutes. It takes that much time, or less, to quickly jot a few things down using the guiding passages. It makes me feel grateful & prepared to take on my day! I find that I am often more patient and productive when I use this in the mornings. I keep it by my bedside and just jot a few things down when I wake up and before I go to bed. I love that its guided and it is the same thing every day so you know what to expect and you don't have to rack your brain to end up writting down pointless things. These guide points really help you focus on what is important in your life and where your priorities are! There are also different inspirational quotes on each page which is just awesome. I will continue to use this journal for a long time and highly recommend making it a daily habit.

What a way to focus the day! Awesome.

I love this journal! I'm the type of person who always bites off more than one can chew, so completing goals and going slow has NEVER been one of my strengths. If I'm being honest, I have hardly ever felt like I am progressing in anything that I do, but this journal has helped me so much. Not only does it help me to focus on the steps FOR THE DAY to achieve my goals, but it also helps me to step outside of my bubble to help others. It also encourages me to remember what is going right in my life, even when I feel that I am falling short. If you're the type of person that wants to move forward with your life, or you want to be better at goal setting, this journal is calling your name.

I've been using this for about 2 months. I've also used the 5 minute journal. The 5 minute journal is mostly focused on gratitude, while this one is more focused on doing little things each day to achieve your goals. It aligns better with my personality than other daily journals I've used. The quotes are pretty great also.

This is nice as it reminds me to stop and contemplate what’s really important in life each day

I’m not one to have routine or self-care time, or really be organized in my personal life. I want to but it’s just not something that comes naturally to me. This is SIMPLE and repetitive (in a good way) and kicks off my days with very little effort. Because it is such a small amount of effort, I can actually do it each morning even when I’m busy! It quickly centers my attention and brings in my focus to a few important matters for the day. Those brief seconds make a difference. I got the black cover and it is sharp looking.

I like that this book is small, simple and easy to use. I wish the prompts varied by day. After just 1 week, it was somewhat challenging to think of different answers to the same questions.