• Produces two separate and unique frequencies to warn animals away
  • High output airflow activated
  • Can conveniently be removed from base for cleaning and driving through car washes
  • Mounts easily with high bond adhesive tape (included)
  • Protects those at risk for vehicle-animal collisions

It is all about air flow. There needs to be as much room behind the whistles as possible. If you put them on top of your bumper close to the head lights they may not work very well. I put them under the bumper where there is a lot of room behind and no problems with the car wash. We live next to the national forest and suicide deer are a real problem. We have had these on our cars for about six months and they seem to be working.

Because of the price, I was skeptical that they would work. I am moving to a rural area and see lots of deer. I travel back to my other home mostly at dusk on a two lane highway for 17 miles, and was really nervous because it was difficult to see the deer in the road until you are right on top of them. With it being heavily wooded, deer can pop out anywhere. Well, I am a believer that these work! Three nights in a row, deer that were starting to cross the road stopped and then ran in the opposite direction. It is my understanding that you must be driving at least 35 MPH for them to work. At dusk I drive 40 MPH so I have enough time to stop. I read that others had problems with their products falling off so I had my husband mount mine with nylon zip ties. VERY PLEASED!

I bought six of those (ultrasonic) deer whistles. I put them all facing forward, like the directions say, on the underside of my front fender. Most people would say that this was “overkill”, but I kept putting more on, thinking that just two weren’t enough. My hunch was right. Because I had five or six of these deer whistles installed (and I watch my speed), I haven’t hit a single animal in over 17 years. Not ONE animal. It only cost me $21. I just keep replacing them, if one or two of them falls off from getting the car washed, or whatever… Two deer whistles won’t prevent you from hitting animals, BUT 6 WILL!! I swear to God- this works. I now tell everyone I know about this, and believe that every vehicle should have them. Could save a lot of lives. I highly recommend buying and using all 3 packs (of 2 per pack).

I am in love with this I think every single person needs these they are impressive! One morning about 4 am we were driving in the country the deer were out we actually saw the deer look up and flee in the opposite direction we have never once in two years had a deer run in front of our cars once these babies were installed I am so impressed I bought three sets one for my hubby and one for my mother in laws suv!

I am a 42 year old female who lives in the Southeastern PA area. In my life, I have unfortunately hit 2 deer and almost hit dozens of others. My family and friends joke that I am a "Deer magnet" as the deer seem to find me and run out in front of my car even in the most unlikely places. As a result, I looked for a solution to prevent any further damage to my car and animal lives lost. For the low price, I thought that I would give these a try with low expectations. I can tell you that without a doubt, these work! I have not hit a deer (or even come close) since I started to use these. Basically, they are just two small plastic devices which you put onto the front of your car (you can put them on or under your bumper). They attach with double-back sticky tape which is already attached to the product. You peel off the one side of the tape to stick it to your car. When your car is moving at 30 mph or faster, they automatically emit a high-pitched noise which is annoying to the animals and encourages them to quickly move out off the direct path of the noise. The drivers side unit is different from the passenger side unit (the installation instructions tell you how to install properly) so that the deer is encouraged to move off to the side of the road (right side in the US) as opposed to the other lane of traffic (left size of the road). The attachment via the tape is pretty sturdy - I have had other versions of these on my car many years now and they will stay in place even through a professional car wash. I try to remember to check them every once in a while to make sure that they didn't fall off. But, when they do, at the low price, I just replace the set. But, this model is even better because it allows you to slide the the whistle off of the part that is attached to your car, if needed. For example, when you are going through a professional car wash. This will ensure that they stay on your car even longer than the kind that are all once piece and cannot be removed. Great design! I know for a fact that these work as I have seen it in action. I drive past an open field on my way home from work. It was in the winter and it was already dark. About 20 feet from the roadside, there were about 12 deer of all ages eating the grass. There were many cars in front of me (about 10 cars) who had passed by them and the deer didn't move. When I approached with this product on my car, all of the deer quickly raised their heads in alert and all but 2 ran in the other direction (off to the right away from the road and my car). The 2 deer that didn't run stayed frozen in their place. There was no noise, there was nothing else that made this happen. This event, as well as my history and lack of deer interaction over the years since I started using this product, has me convinced that these work. I actually bought a total of 10 of these to give to my friends (all of my family already uses them). Update may 2015: Original set installed in Fall of 2012 is still on my car and looks like new! I have been using these for 20 years and this has never happened - usually, the cheap version of these last 6 months, if that. They break off or fall off. But, not these - absolutely fantastic. And, still no deer interactions!

These deer whistles do what they say they do - instead of deer bolting across the road now, they will actually turn when I'm about 50 feet from them, and go away from the road. Easy to install, you place them up under the front bumper curve where they are shielded from most water, but still get the full air flow they require to work; they stick well and do the job!

It's difficult to gauge the effectiveness of deer whistles since we can't hear them ourselves. However I think a lot of the complaints about them stem from unrealistic expectations. If you are expecting to see deer lurch away from you with these like it is some kind of force field, then you will be disappointed. They are not a shield, what they are is another layer of defense. You put them on an then drive as if they weren't there because a deer during the rut is going to run out in front of you even if you're driving a neon disco lit circus bus and blasting wolf howls out of you speakers. I have seen deer and turkeys lurch away from me on the road, I've attracted the attention of herds in the field but the real reason I have never hit a deer (other than pure luck, sometimes you just get unlucky) is because I never stop watching for tan fur during the day and eye-shine at night. Get them, if they don't work you haven't lost very much money and if they do help, they could save quite a bit of pain and expense.

Helps: I've been using this brand for about 15 years and they seem to help. I still need to drive aware of deer and elk, but the whistle seems to help get the animals attention. Recently my whistles came off in the car wash. The deer seemed to be less aware when I approached, so I was happy to find these. 1) The whistle are not audible to humans. 2) These are 2 pitched whistles. You can find the "open" whistle by holding them up to the light. Open goes on the driver's side. 3) The sticky tape has worked well for me, but I did damage one when using a brush too vigorously. 4) They are removable. Best remove before using an automatic car wash.

To start off, I work 4 nights a week on the road for 5-6 hours each night. I live in a small town and spend a lot of my time on the road in the country. After hitting a deer last year and seeing so many this year, in October I decided to purchase these for our main car. After installing these, in less than 7 days, I physically watched 5 different deer look straight at me and then they ran in the opposite direction away from my car! That is too much of a coincidence for me to believe that they dont work. I will never own a vehicle without purchasing these to install on them. And my kids will recieve them for their vehicles, as well, once the time comes around. First and foremost, these are NOT a stop all. You should still exercise caution and be defensive while driving. But these whistles do provide some relief in the back of my mind. From what I could find online, there is not enough airflow below 30MPH for them to work. They must be installed properly. I cleaned where I was putting them with alcohol. They only stick once and will not come off if you place them where you dont want them. Put them as close to the front of your car as possible (I own a newer Ford Fusion, so I had to stick mine inside the front of my car). Make sure to place them on each side according to the package. Blow in them, and the closed one will whistle while the open one won't. I also cannot hear these with my windows down. This was a great purchase, and I'm sure I'll be buying many more over the years.

They're holding on well after going through temperature extremes! The deer seem to pause going up to the road when I'm driving as well.