• VERSATILE DESIGN: Chrome finish is highly reflective for a mirror-like look that works with any decorating style
  • CONCIERGE SERVICE: Perfect way to store tools and accessories for easy access
  • COORDINATING COLLECTION: Coordinates with other accessories in the Preston collection
  • PEACE-OF-MIND: Designed for hassle-free installation
  • BUILT TO LAST: Backed by Moen’s Limited Warranty

I love these glass shelves. They are "right-sized" for my bathroom side walls. Handy for small items like mouthwash (big 22oz) and sprays. I have them in primary home, and a condo -- and just bought two more for our new house. The glass is hefty and doesn't feel cheap.

Easy installation and very good pricing. This was one of the longest shelves I could find and narrow enough not to take up much space. It was the perfect solution for a small bathroom vanity with no drawers. Matches with most chrome fixtures even if they are not the Moen brand.

I redid our bathroom a year ago and opted for lots of chrome and glass in the new design. I put these under the two wall mirrors for extra space, as I had to eliminate a medicine cabinet. Well, these work great as well as being decorative. They look great in the bath and go extremely well with our towel racks, which almost match perfectly. These are a VERY sturdy design and I don't worry about placing heavier items on the shelves.

Needed one more bit of horizontal space in a fairly small bath. This shelf is similar enough to the one over the sink vanity to look like a match, without being identical. Gives a little extra character to the room. Nice to have the extra landing space for tissues, sprays, etc.

Love the shelves from the Moen Preston Collection, which is what my bathroom is decorated with. Packaged great, arrived as promised and easy to install. I staggered them for a little different look. Yes I recommend these shelves!! Love, love, love!!

Installed in 10 minutes. Use a tiny flathead to unscrew the brackets from the fixtures, remove the screws and anchors. Tape the stencil on the wall, level it off, drill 4 holes, remove the stencil, hammer in the anchors, screw in the brackets, attach the fixtures, insert the shelf pane, tighten the tiny fixture screws, tighten the big plastic screws for a tight grip. So easy. Bonus: The shelf looks nice and seems well-made, particularly the tempered glass shelf piece itself.

I had one of these for maybe 10 years, until I slipped in the shower and actually tried to brace myself using it....Big mistake but that's what you do sometimes in an fright. Guess what ? Pulled it out from the wall anchors that I had used originally, but the glass did not break or even crack onto the tub floor. Bought same thing right here again, and saved big compared to others very similar looking at much higher prices.

Moen quality shows in this little shelf, sturdy hardware, simple design. The template that came with it was nice but I couldn't use it because it showed 3 lengths that weren't this 19.5" shelf! Nevermind, the directions were pretty self explanatory and as long as you have the basics (drill, screwdrivers, level, tape measure, pencil, studfinder?), you can get this beautiful little shelf up quickly. It was just what I wanted to put over a bathroom pedestal sink at a reasonable price. The glass is 3.75" deep, but installed, the front edge of the glass is 4.5" from the wall.

Most shelves that I looked at were 24" long, longer than the space I had to install it. This was the shortest shelf I found, and it is perfect! Very easy to install, too! UPDATE ON REVIEW: If it doesn't come with them now, you need to use toggle drywall anchors instead of the screw type anchors that came with it when I purchased it. The weight of the shelf kept pulling the screw type anchor down in the drywall, tilting the shelf down. If it doesn't come with toggle drywall anchors, purchase a small bag of them to install it.

Easy to install, very nice quality and I plan to buy another one to go on another wall in the bathroom. Looks so nice without being too big, very sturdy and sharp looking.