• Enhance the look of your vehicle
  • Shock boot protects shock shaft and seal
  • Available in shock therapy bag
  • Country of Origin : United States

Perfect seal but needed to use zipties to secure or else they would fall down after some rough bumps. Used on 2014 jeep wrangler over rough country n3 shocks. *Update!* i love these things, gone through mud, large rocks, gravel, logs, water, sawgrass, swamp and more (i live in florida) nothing gets in them and they dont slip with proper zip ties, not to mention they havent torn or been punctured. Getting 2 more for my dual steering stabilizer. Also everyone loves them, theyre unique and give an old school look to the jeep ;)

Overall decent quality. I used a slightly thicker zip tie for the lower boot.

Love the color and fits perfectly. IF I had to buy them again I would.

Nice boots. Thanks