• The blade and chain retract until they're fully enclosed in the guard, protecting users from dangerous contact, making the JawSaw the safest chainsaw available
  • JawSaw is the only chainsaw designed to operate directly on the ground or pavement, so no more heavy lifting or sore backs
  • Automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator helps extend the life of your bar and chain, Patented auto-tension system sets the proper tension for you
  • Bar length is 6” and provides a max cutting diameter of 4”, weighs only 8.1 lbs.
  • Includes JawSaw, chainsaw chain and bar, oil bottler, bar and chain oil, spanner wrench, and manufacturer’s 3-year warranty

Pictures speak louder than words. I was quoted $550 and $350 for a tree trim. I’m less than 130 lbs. and 5’3”. I’m an accountant and decided to look for a way to save money. Read the reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a try. It only took me two hrs. to trim! I felt very safe using it. Definitely a great investment. The chain came out once. I followed a youtube video on adjusting it and it worked, it never came off again. Only problem: I cut the electrical cord and had to buy another one. Maybe there is a place to attched the cord to the tool that I dont know of.

I love this. I found it when trying to find a smaller or less scary chain saw for when my manual pruning tool doesn't work. It is perfect for all of my tree trimming needs. I have taken down two relatively small trees in my yard by myself. The only thing I couldn't do myself is part of the main stump that was a little too wide, but that's the easy part. :) When I bought it, I was a little worried about the chain falling off and my ability to get it back on, but I found that a nice man did a very helpful YouTube video that walked me through how to put it back on when I caused it to get stuck and fall off. :) Overall grade: A+ I bought the extension as well, and while it works, the weird distribution of weight made it awkward for me. If I could have just had my hands a little farther apart, I think it would have worked better. I probably just don't have enough upper body strength.

I used this to trim about 120' of hedges to half their height and it worked great. The chain never fell off like some reviewers mentioned maybe because I followed the setup instructions and loosened the chain and then hand tightened it before the first use.

Wow what an awesome new toy!!!! I have been testing this saw for the past few weeks and I have to say it has really been nice to have. I can cut up a small tree in about 45 seconds with minimal effort. Limbs are no problem. I have a powerful chainsaw but it is just too big for limbs and small trees. My wife and son can use it no problem! For around the house it is perfect!

Love the cordless version of this saw. Everyone is always wanting to borrow however the never recharge the battery. So thought this corded one might be perfect for the lending tool and I’ll save the cordless one for around our house.

I read reviews, watched vids & took the plunge! My contractor laughed his assets off when he saw what I ordered. Well, the next day I had the opportunity to give it a run for the money, at his prodding. I'm afraid of power tools that can cause serious harm if not used correctly & this one with the built in safety feature appealed greatly. Well, my contractor had to apologize & he was duly impressed with what this JawSaw could do. It really blew him away when he tried it on, of all things, a pressure treated 2X4 & it cut it with no problem. I worked with it for almost 2 hours & I finally had to stop. Let's typecast here... I'm a female, out of shape, in her 60's, & now I don't have to call someone to take care of brush & downed limbs. I really like the independence & safety this affords me.

Excellent design. Tough. Works great. I cut all of my winter midsized firewood in one afternoon from limbs gathered in my woods. Periodic chain tightening with the included hex wrench ensures flawless operation.

Cut down a 35 foot ash with a pole saw and chainsaw. Used this to cut all the branches into smaller pieces so they'd fit in garbage bags. This is a very well-engineered product, easy to use, reliable. I'm very impressed. CONS: only one, it's a bit heavy. Get ready for one hell-of-a forearm workout.

I've had this almost 6 months and use it regularly as we burn wood. I'm 5'6" female with balance issues and use it with a wood holding stand to cut lengths down into pieces for us. You have to get used to the button/push for the blade as it's not what you expect to grab and go We've cut some logs up to the jaw size on it and worked well. My husband thought I was throwing away money when I bought it, now he's the first to say, "you're cutting that pile over there."

After using a few times over the past month, I am ready to write a review. Simply put, this tool is awesome. It is very easy to use and works as expected. I tighten the chain and add oil just before each time I use it and I have not had any problems at all with the chain popping off as others have mentioned. It is very easy to tighten the chain and I always hold the saw perpendicular to the branch so that it does not twist the chain as other have suggested. The only minor issue I have had is that I cannot see the oil through the little reservoir window. Because of this, I just add a little bit of oil from time to time if using for many cuts. It is very easy to add oil so this is not a big nuisance.