• Certified "Made for Kindle" accessory (Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard)
  • Permeable design allows for simple, hassle-free installation (air bubbles pass through the screen protector)
  • Protects your device from smudges, oils, and fingerprints

I received this as a gift, along with my Kindle. Not having the advantage of reading these comments, I simply opened the package, wiped down the Kindle, and stuck the protector onto the screen. It went on straight, and although we have dogs and cats in the home, I didn't get any hairs, dust, or lint under the protector. That was five months ago and I've had no issues with the protector at all. Now that I've read the comments, however, I realize that perhaps, as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. Update:Momma Bear decided she wanted a Kindle for her birthday. Given my experience with this product, I ordered it for her screen protector. It took awhile to show up, but once it arrived, I explained the possible problems with the application process. I also told her my experience, and suggested she read the comments on this page. She took a moment looking over the materials involved and read the instructions. Then she wiped down her Kindle with the cloth and stuck the protector onto the screen. No problems so far. With all the problems everyone else seems to have, I figure that either we've been very lucky, or we've lived a very, very good life...

I was deeply concerned by the many Amazon Reviews suggesting difficulty installing this screen. Maybe I was just lucky, but the installation of the screen was very, very straightforward and presented absolutely no difficulties. I had more difficulty getting it out of the package! The instructions are very clear and complete. That said, the screen is invisible and doesn't affect my reading experience in any way. The touch controls on the screen work just as before. I'm not sure that I needed this, but I suspect that I will have fewer scratches and worries from the screen on this Kindle than on others. If you are in the market for a screen, you should look at this clear and simple solution.

I read the reviews about how difficult this screen protector was to put on and bought it anyway. It was so easy to put on I couldnt believe it. Only had two little bubbles and they easily wiped away. Very glad I took the chance and bought this and ignored the reviews. Although I did put this on my Kindle straight out of its packaging and it was super clean I would still give this a good review because the instructions were easy to follow and the results were great.

Carefully applied the protector has done exactly as I expected. I loved my first Kindle 2, dropped it hard on tile and blew the ink or something. I tried a couple newer ones before deciding I want a Kindle 2 back again and love it. Thought I'd lost it at an airport and decided to give the Paperwhite a try. Now I love that one as well and use the Paperwhite to read in bed at night and the Kindle 2 around the house or wherever I go. The Kindle is the second best thing I discovered in my 69 years. This first, of course, was the public library. :)

Tis is an older version of Kindle but I am extremely happy with it. I wanted Kindle but didn't want to ay the price of a new one. This one is light weight , I can read on the sun with no glare,and can read daily for about 8 weeks without re-charging battery.I've already saved lots of money on books because the kindle book are cheaper than hardbacks or paperbacks. The lending library is free. What's not to like? There is no backlight for screen but a simple clip on book light takes care of night reading which was a ggd trade off for a low cost Kindle.

I use screen protectors on all of my tablets, this the first I have used from Moshi and I am impressed. This protector went on with extreme ease. I had one little bubble and it was easily removed. I usually use the protectors you have to wet and they work great too but this being a dry application it was easier than any I have tried. It doesn't interfere with the touch of the screen. The swiping motion is smooth and accurate. The fit is perfect too. If you follow the the instructions you will have no problems. I had no dust particles trapped. It is well worth the money.

This is a great protector for your Kindle Paperwhite screen. It's about 1/8" smaller in each direction than the screen. It is repositionable. It isn't too textured, so it's easy enough to slide your finger along to highlight or swipe to see the next set of shelves on your collection screen. I like to have protectors for my electronics, when they are available, so this was a good purchase. There are two protectors in the package, as well as a little microfiber cloth to help clean your screen off before placing, and to rub the air bubbles out to the edges.

My brother and I got this as a present for our mom, and she LOVES it. She reads a lot more now that she has this than before, and can read without her glasses with the larger font options, and at night in bed without having to turn on a light. This makes it great for her not to disturb my sleeping step-dad. The size of the device, the size of the screen, and the light weight, are all perfect for her, and would make reading a more enjoyable experience for anybody. I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a top notch reading device.

After reading the instructions a few times. I was able to install the screen protector. It went on pretty easy and I was able to remove all the air bubbles from under it. I bought it for my mothers kindle paper white. It does not affect the visual display of the kindle paper white at all in my opinion. In fact after I installed the screen protector I couldn't even tell it was there. I also liked the overall price of it. Plus you get two in the pack which is a plus for me. I would recommend this product to anyone.

I've only had the protector for a month, but so far, so good. Follow the directions and it's easy to apply. The only set back on the screen is that the protector is about 1/8 of an inch smaller than the screen. So when you put it on, don't shove it all the way at the bottom. Try to place the screen almost at the bottom. Otherwise, you will have a small gap at the edge of the protector and the edge of the screen.