• Certified "Made for Kindle" accessory for Kindle Fire HDX 7" (will not fit Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX 8.9")
  • Includes 2 screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card
  • Premium-quality protection against scratches, smudges and dirt
  • Ultra-precise fit covers right to the edge of the display
  • Clear, scratch-resistant protection

I am over the moon about this screen protector, and I'm going to look out for their brand in the future. Why? Because it was a lot less flexible than most screen protectors. It was thicker, and as a result, was WAY easier to apply than any I've used before on any device. I applied it in mere moments, and it had much less bubbles to clear out than the thinner, flexible ones.

I. Love. This. this screen protector is GREAT for the kindle, cuts down glare at all angles (and also prevents smudges if that is a problem - it annoys the crap out of me) easy to apply, 2 came in the package (i was expecting just one!) and just.. works.

I am very happy with this screen protector for my new Kindle Fire HDX. I can't imagine using a technical device without a screen protector. Fingerprints are easily wiped off with soft cloth and a bit of water. I've had and used this for about 6 weeks. It puts my mind at ease with all the touching a Kindle requires....

I needed a new anti glare screen for my Kindle Fire! This product does the trick. Especially when my 3 year old grand daughter uses it to watch YouTube. This is a great protection not only for the glass, but, it cleans up very well.

The shield is in invisible protector for the Kindle Fire HDX which is necessary to protect it from all the finger prints and scratches that it would receive without it. I wipe the protector off with lenze wipes.

so far so good very easy to apply just used a credit card to smooth the prector and we rgood to go have had it on for a few months no problems yet and also side note actual kindle hasnt been used much,

Works great, but I have noticed a slight discoloration over time (about one year). However, the price is so reasonable, that I'll just swap it out for a new one.

These are quite nice-thick and easy to install. The price is way better than what my local electronics store sells theirs for-less than half the price and just as good. I highly recommend this product.

I would like to say easiest protector screen to apply, it's very clear, no bubbles and you can remove it and reapply it with ease. All I can say is purchase the product it's great!! I purchased it for my Kindle Fire HDX (8.9)