• Compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices
  • Soft, ultra-responsive rubber tip will not scratch screen
  • Smooth, ergonomic design provides optimal comfort
  • Conveniently integrated clip attaches to your pocket or case

I have tried many different stylus & so far this one has met all my needs.It comes in handy when you have to sign your name on some ones device & make it look legible.I love that the tip is sturdy enough to point & swipe with out it smashing down on my screen.The tip is small enough to to better be accurate on playing games especially & point & swipe on your phone,everything is smaller.

This stylus was advertised as being useful for any electronic touch screen. My wife has several such devices and this stylus works great.

I just replaced my Fire HDX 7 cover and decided to get a new stylus for it. I replaced my old stylus with the same one, just a different color thi9s time. I lliked this stylus the best of the several I have tried. It fits very nicely in this cover http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FRL74W4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

Best stylus I own - this stylus works across all of my devices from phone to tablet to surface pro. Props to the person show did the shape and the sensitivity because I have yet to find a touch it doesn't work with

just what i wanted and needed. perfect. matches my kindle fire10 and my cover. wonderful. fits fingers well. easy to use. thanks

Great little stylus--works well with my Kindle.

Whoever made this piece of work, is a genius. So much easier than getting smudges from my fingers

So much easier than using a finger! So glad I have it. For games, writing or whatever, this is just the right size to hld also, a bit thicker for my (elderly) fingers to hold!

This works great for my Kindle. I have tried other stylus's, but this one fits my hand well.