• Milled aluminum housing with twist-barrel retractable clip.
  • Retractable ballpoint pen with replaceable ink cartridge.
  • Optimized silicone nib offers greater sensitivity on high resolution touchscreens.
  • Includes 1 extra silicone stylus nib.
  • Stanza Duo's pocket clip retracts into the body for unobstructed writing.

I bought this one as a second to have as a spare since my wife loves the one she has so much. It was going to be a Christmas present, I hide it and now I can't find it. LOL


Moshi totally came through for me!! I got my stanza at an Apple store in Taipei and in true me fashion, I start playing with it and ripped the tip while taking it on and off. Not a big deal, it came with 2 so I put the good one on. fast forward 18 months later through semesters of note heavy chemistry and organic chemistry and I have finally started wearing through the nib. Totally understandable, I emailed moshi asking where I can buy a replacement.... They just mailed me a couple free ones by fedex at their own expense. free! WOW. Not to mention the fact that I LOVE this pen. I have an expensive battery powered model that I only just do not use, so annoying to have to rely on power to work, the soft nib here is always "on" and the pen writes smoothly. I was completely prepared to just buy a new one because of the nib ripping, thats how much I like it. I didn't have to, didn't even have to pay for the nib. I am impressed with this and my moshi wrist guard (macbook) I wouldn't hesitate to buy something from Moshi in the future.

QUICK SUMMARY: My daughter swiped this from me she liked it so much! Recommended! WHAT WE (my daughter, my son, and me) LIKED: - The twist mechanism exposes the ball-point ink pen and retracts the pocket clasp, nice innovation so the clasp isn't in your way while writing! - It comes with a few soft tips so if the stylus needs replacing, you can easily do that - Replacing the stylus was easy; just pull it off (the metal piece that holds the stylus can be unscrewed to make it easier to handle) - To replace the ink cartridge, just pull the two halves apart; snap them back on when done replacing the cartridge - We all liked the feel of using the stylus on our respective touchscreens WHAT COULD BE BETTER: - Instead of ball-point ink, I'd prefer a gel ink cartridge CONCLUSION: 4.5 stars, rounded to 5. This serves its purpose well. Recommended!

My Kindle Fire is with me at all times, so how wonderful to find this stylus that is multi-functional. The only drawback I have is that there is no easy way to clip it to my Kindle cover, and it often gets lost at the bottom of my purse. I recently put an elastic band around one side of the cover and attached the stylus to that, which works for me. Handy to have both pen and stylus in one!

This is a really nice little stylus. I'd purchased a stylus for my Nexus a year or so ago and it came with an odd large circular plastic nib which seemed intended to stabilize it but really just made it strange and cumbersome. This is a straightforward stylus and feels natural to use, and glides smoothly, which is really all I can ask for in a stylus.

This attractive stylus-pen combo is great. Why keep up with two articles when one will suffice? I got it for my Kindle and have really appreciated the responsiveness. It's a little on the heavy side. This wouldn't make a good gift for someone prone to hand fatigue but, for everyone else, it's pretty darned convenient.

Great, nifty little pen. Perfect stylus for my smartphone and other end has ink pen. Very handy and convenient. Excellent item!!!

I love this Stylus, its good on my Tablet and if need a pen, I just used it . Thank you so much.