• Packaging may vary. Furminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo
  • Works to reduce shedding
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Enriched with Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids, Calendula Extract, and Papaya Leaf Extract
  • Use monthly as part of the Furminator at-home professional grooming regiment

I have a lab and a corgi. My lab doesn't shed as much as the corgi. He gets a Furminator every 8-12 weeks. My little girl is every 4-6. I was introduced to Furminator at my job at the PetSmart grooming salon. We use it differently at the salon than I can at home. To start we use a velocity dryer to blow out the loose coat then shampoo. I don't have a velocity dryer. (They are expensive) So I just brush before the shampoo. I lather the shampoo thoroughly. You want the hair to squeak when you rinse. The Furminator conditioner is crucial. It is what really releases the undercoat. The shampoo is mostly to prepare the coat. After rinsing the shampoo work the conditioner in. Focus on areas with the densest hair. Typically neck, shoulders, and haunches. Just really work it into the coat. Then you need to let it sit. At least five minutes, but I like to do ten for my hairy little corgi. I use this time to wash the face with a tearless soap and brush the teeth. You can also use a Kong Zoom Groom rubber curry brush to rub the conditioner in, if your dog doesn't have long hair. (Long hair will tangle if you scrub with the zoom groom) Most importantly make sure all the product is out. It can irritate your pet if any is left behind. When your pet is dry I recommend the Zoom Groom for short haired dogs and the Furminator de-shedding tool, an undercoat rake, or coat King/rakke. With the Furminator tool you need to be careful. Do not brush more than three times in one spot. It can give your pet brush burn and/or damage the coat. The same goes for any de-shedding tool. They are great for shedding, but can be overdone. I love this product and highly recommend it. It's not only good for shedding, it's naturally moisturizing because it has omega 3 fatty acids. Very good for dry skinned dogs. Hope this helps!

Read further down for tips. THIS IS WHAT THEY USE AT THE GROOMER WHEN THEY CANT SHAVE THE DOGS. I have a great pyranees/husky mix living in Louisiana. Washed her with this and the excess fur just started falling out. It was gross but amazing. Wear clothes you don't mind getting furry because the hair is everywhere especially if you have a big dog. It smells amazing and leaves her coat super white and soft due to the vitamins in it. Use it once a week or every two weeks and your dog dry completely before brushing. Brush them with the Furminator. This brush and shampoo combo is the best thing I have ever used with my fluff ball. I threw all of her other 8 brushes I've tried away. Also PLEASE BRUSH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN OFF. It took me 45 min to finish brushing our pup just because it's the start of the summer and she still had that thick winter under coat, but it is worth it. If you don't get all or most of the loose fur off, it continue to fall/shed while they are in the house and make mess. Just brush them until you see you aren't really getting much more especially at their thickest parts. My dogs thickest parts are her neck area, back and a little of the sides, the tops of her front legs and ESPECIALLY HER HIPS AND BACK LEGS. After your first one or two beginning summer brushes, it won't take near as long. I brush her every few days just to keep up with it and it works fine for her. Please buy off of amazon not petsmart or petco as they almost double the price of the brush and way overcharge for the shampoo. I've yet to try the conditioner but after my satisfaction with these products, I'm going to. The picture is not even a fourth of the hair I got off of her. She lost about 2-3 lb in fur alone. If you have a husky, great pyranees, German shepherd or any dog with that double coat, it's not good to shave them. You absolutely need this. Do not waste going to the groomer and paying nearly triple the cost. Plus the pups love the bonding.

Let me start with I really don't like being prompted all the time to give a product review but I want to this time. I purchased Furminator shampoo along with the conditioner approximately 6 weeks ago. The reduction in my home incredible so say the least. I am also putting shed ex in their food. Just a squeeze daily no measuring. The first time I bathed them, I bathe them weekly the drain was so full. The second time I bathed them no hair at all. I had noticed a reduction in hair on my black rug and this morning after 3 days of no vacuuming there is hardly any hair at all. My pet are always on that carpet. This shampoo and conditioner has reduced their smell as well. I should include that I dont brush the daily either as the instructions say. Lol....allow a couple of weeks for these products to kick in. I think the prices are more than competitive and the results are amazing. Just try it you'll be happy.

This is fantastic shampoo. Some of the other customers complained about the smell (not that it smelled bad, but that their dogs tried to eat it), but that probably varies by dog attitudes towards fruit flavoring and consuming soap. My dog stood calmly for 5 minutes while I constantly lathered her to keep her from losing interest (what dog doesn't enjoy a massage). After the shampoo, I used the matching conditioner for another 5 minutes. There was enough dog fur in the bath for me to wonder if she was going bald. Once dry, I combed her out with the FURminator brush (which I also love). Yet another whole dog's worth of fur came out, now that it had been loosened by the bath. The result is noticeably less shedding, a pleasant smelling animal, and SUPER SOFT fur. I definitely recommend this for anyone losing their mind over the amount of animal hair in the house.

I'm a professional groomer that works out of my house and I use Furminator products for my desheds. Product is key when I don't have all the commercial salon equipment. The smell is wonderful. When using this for desheds, I have found that letting it sit 5 minutes or so and brushing while the shampoo sits helps a ton. Following up with the Furminator conditioner and a Zoom Groom and Furminator Brush is a good finishing touch. Having my clients on coconut oil in their diets and a good grain free diet has helped a ton too! This product and the other pieces help finish the puzzle.

This is truly a great product! My dog sheds a ton, but after using this shampoo and the matching conditioner, he's shedding so much less and his coat is significantly softer. I left the product on for five minutes (continued rubbing it in while waiting), and the results are truly stand-out! I'm having to vacuum far less often and my Roomba (robot vacuum) is picking up significantly less of his hair. Plus, it smells great! I'm planning on bathing him once a month with the shampoo & conditioner for maintenance.

I wasn't sure about how well this would work, but I'm convinced now! We have a German Shepherd/Pit mix and he sheds like crazy. We've been using the furminator brush, but decided to add the shampoo and conditioner. This picture isn't even all the hair we were able to get from him. Keep in mind we've been using the brush regularly and have never had results like this. Now we have a happy dog who can be a little cooler and I won't regret the amount of hair he leaves on our bed now. (He loves the shower, just doesn't look too happy in his picture because he didn't want water in his eyes.)

I am a glorified frugal shopper, So I was so on board with buying the $2 generic shampoo to wash my golden retriever because it was just dog hair, not human hair that needed volume and color correcting, etc., why waste the money? Well I was WRONG! I used FIVE times as much shampoo just to bath my 4 month old PUPPY! In the long run I was paying so much more for a low budget shampoo. I finally decided to try this brand since I love their brush and now I'm in love. Instantly it created so much suds that covered his entire body as I lathered. I was so impressed barely had to dive back in the bottle for a few touch up spots and the smell is a coconutty scent. Also, by the end of his bath I looked at the drain and saw a glob of hair which made me think it was already working to get rid of the already shedded hair. Would definitely recommend, especially for the people on the fence about whether to spend the extra money, you will save in the long run!

This product is amazing!! Now my german sheperd is already a shedder, but when i bathed her using this shampoo, so so much hair came coming out. Never did as much hair come out before like it did this time. And then theres still clumps that will be laying on the floor. The product smells nice and works as intended. Highly recommend this.

I bought this along with the conditioner expecting nothing. I thought it would be just ordinary shampoo. My dog has coarse white hair and is a shed-monster. I was brushing him once and sometimes twice a day. We were still winding up with fur all over our clothes and a vacuum tank full of dog as often as I found time to vacuum. This stuff is amazing. I brush my dog a couple of times a week now and we have some dog hair around the house but it’s managable now. We bathe him every 7 days and around day 5 or 6 we get more loose hairs but not so bad. The conditioner seems good and he’s not getting itchy from hisnonce a week baths. I was worried about keeping my dog lathered for 5 minutes. It isn’t bad. I just massage the shampoo in for a while and talk and sing to him. He’s not a water dog but he is a ham and he seems to like the attention he gets at bath time even if he doesn’t care for the water. Bath night is kinda a thing that takes some time, but brushing him daily and constant vacuuming was a thing before and I prefer the baths.