• Please refer to the latest customer reviews instead of aged top review. 2018 Improved Version: Better Magnet, More Safe! Strong magnet is made of an extremely high quality material. Keep your lovely babies, toddler, kids occupied in the kitchen while you are cooking!
  • These magnetic wooden blocks are waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof.. The uppercase letter are perfect gift for baby, toddler and kids, they can use these refrigerator magnet toys for learning spell.
  • Add your favorite alphabet letters to a cartoon magnet, or customize your choice of neat designs to stick on the fridge or file cabinet.
  • The decorative flat wood letter blocks decor magnets will make your kitchen cute and funny. Nice teaching materials add-on for Kindergarten or Elementary School teachers.
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My 17 month old granddaughter loves moving these letters around on the fridge door. Just about the right size for her hand to grasp them and the colorful designs attract her attention every time she passes by. Happy that I purchased these!

These are great little fridge magnets. My son is 15mos and plays with the everyday. He takes them from the fridge to the dishwasher to our stainless steel garbage can, the are easy for him to grab and move around and big enough I’m not worried about choking. Cute colors, and the little monster eyeballs have the added perk of showing you which way is right side up for letters like W and M.

I was hesitant about buying these after reading reviews, BUT - they have fixed the issue, and now the entire back of the letter is covered in magnet. They stick great, and are so cute!!! I love the colors, details, and little eyes & so does my 9 month old :)

Cute, nicely made, fun for my little girls classroom, as she loves to play teacher.

I bought these for my baby’s 1st birthday, and we’ve been absolutely thrilled! The entire back of each letter is a full magnet (there’s no button-magnets) which has stayed on without issue. I love the wooden material, colors, and designs; I’ve gotten several compliments on these magnets. My baby can easily pull them off the fridge, but they’re strong enough to stay in place when stuck back on. A couple pieces have lost a few chips of paint from daily wear and tear of being dropped and thrown around by baby, but nothing that’s noticeable without close inspection. I will definitely be buying from this brand again.

When I was looking at these magnets I was wondering what I might end up with because of the reviews. But it is just as advertised. I have one of each letter. The letters are fully covered with a magnet on the back. And they are big enough for my eight-month-old baby to grab off the fridge and I’m not worried about her choking on them. I love all the bright colors and the cute little eyes on top. I might even order another set so we have more than one letter and can spell words. She has put them in her mouth because that’s what babies do and there is no paint that came off in her mouth.

I LOVE these!!! They are perfect for toddlers! I love that the magnet is a solid piece and apart of the actual letter and not a small magnet connected to it that could come off and be swallowed like the cheap plastic letter magnets. They are wooden and a perfect size for little ones and so cute with the eyes and patterns! Keeps my daughter entertained while I do dishes and chores.

So far have been great, arrived in a small package soon after ordering. Hand painted and adorable, my ten month old twins play with them on the fridge all the time. They have withstanded being thrown, put in the dog water, and lots of drool.

Bought these for my 14 month old as she loves to play with and haul around puzzle book magnets. She enjoys slapping these off of the refrigerator into the floor and sometimes putting them back on. The magnetic alphabet entertains her for 5-10 minutes at a time several times throughout the day. Things I like: The back is full magnet, cut to fit the letter Eyes and mouth at the top of the letter so toddler can learn which way is up Creative and cute paint on each letter, looking at them makes me smile Perfect size for her to grab and hold The only downside I can find, but have not experienced, is that a very curious toddler might be able to peel off the magnetic backing. There is only one set of letters so it limits what you can spell.

I buy so many different things through amazon and I hardly leave reviews but I’m super impressed with how beautiful and durable these alphabet magnets are! They are just so adorable! I was a little worried because some reviews mentioned that the magnets would slide down but that definitely did NOT happen to me. I feel like the price is fair. I saw some plastic ones that were the same price as these and to be honest these are so much cuter (& they aren’t plastic.) My son loves them and totally approved!