• WHO Approved NEW Reduced Osmolarity Oral Rehydration Salts
  • Electrolyte Replacement During Intense Physical Activity.
  • Great Addition to your Medical First Aid Kit or Hiking Kit, and a Must Have for International Travelers.
  • Hangover Recovery Support, Nutritional Support, Fatigue Support, Dehydration Support Caused by Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu, Fever, Diarrhea, or Vomiting.
  • No artificial colors, Preservatives or artificial flavors. Manufactured in Accordance with Pharmaceutical GMP Regulations. Each Order includes a Certificate of Analysis with USFDA Registration Number.

I am ordering my second box and wish the 100 box was available through subscribe and save! I have a condition called "POTS" and these packets are starting to give me my life back! I put one in EVERY liter of water I drink. The hint of a salty/sweet taste was off putting when I first started using them. But now, when I drink regular water, it tastes horrible! With a body that generally refuses to stay hydrated, this product is a life saver. Good bye annoying, frequent and time consuming ER visits to get an IV to rehydrate!

This review has gone through a few iterations, and has ended with 5-stars. I think it's a wonderful product, and you can't go wrong buying it. Each packet works perfectly with a 33 oz (1 litre) water bottle -- the kind you can get from Costco or Safeway. Just pour the packet into it. It actually has a taste that comes as close to regular as one could get with this sort of thing. There's a mild saltiness, but I actually like it. It tastes far better than the flavored hydration salts out there, because those ones are mixed with Erythritol, which has a God-awful taste. Trioral is a hands-down winner over all those other ones. It also quenches my thirst way better than plain water does, so I've even started including it with all my water intake now. Needless to say, I plan to keep buying more of this product. I just hope they don't raise the price because it is already ~$1.xx / packet.

Has been helpful for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (by helping to bring up blood volume). I make a solution of this product, Natural Calm (magnesium citrate), sea salt, and NoSalt (potassium chloride/sodium chloride mix), in one liter of water, once daily. Sometimes I'll also add D-ribose and creatine if I'm not also making a workout smoothie that day. This product alone tastes fine. My mix tastes pretty bad, but it has really brought down my heart rate difference upon standing, and enabled me to start exercising again.

I have hypotensive POTS. I am also an RN who HAS to work. I work 12 hour shifts 3-4 days a week and usually walk 5 miles a day at the very least when I work (most days are more like 7+). I can’t stand the taste of Trioral mixed with a liter of water. I have no problem drinking water (I normally drink anywhere from 5-8L on the days I work) so I mix a pack in about 2 ounces of lemonade, stir like crazy, then chug like a shot. Works great for me! I used to make salt pills (which took forever) and drink liquid IV. The amount of sodium per serving doesn’t hold a candle to Trioral. Combined with compression garnets and midodrine, I usually drink 2 of these a day and I have less dizzy spells and my heart rate is more tolerable. I honestly don’t know how I’d be able to maintain a full time job and be an independent person without this product. My suggestions: 1. I’ve purchased 4 boxes of the 100 pack now. I really wish there was a subscribe and save option. Living with a chronic illness is hard enough as it is... not having to remember to order this every couple months would be so helpful. The discount would be nice too. 2. I wish there was a more eco friendly option to the packets. On the days I don’t work, I rarely leave my apartment. I wish there was a multi-use jar similar to how protein powder works. This would be so nice for those of us who don’t necessarily always need the portability of the packets.

Great value, though you'll want to maybe add some flavor to the final product as it's like drinking salt water (which it is). I'm a doctor and this is a great thing for preventing dehydration (in lieu of actual IV bags) in an emergency situation assuming you can swallow the mixture with water and have a functioning gastrointestinal tract.

These unicorn tears saved my life at Burning Man. No joke. I now use it sometimes during fasting to manage my electrolytes and it helps a great deal. I have one right at the end of my eating period and it gets me through a long fast with no electrolyte issues. (If my food that day has a higher sodium or carb content then I don't use it that day.) Does have some carbs (13g) so may not work for no-carb folks. Does not mix well with chilled water -- use room temp or tap water. Little packets are very easy to pack. The flavor isn't yummy but that's not why you use it anyway. It's not yucky-tasting -- it tastes like diluted sea water or diluted tears and you get used to the flavor very quickly. In fact, when I'm actually *thirsty* or hiking or working strenuously, the slightly-salty flavor tastes really good! The RN who suggested this product to me said don't chug it -- sip it -- and I do and it takes me about half an hour to drink it down, but if I do that while I'm relaxed and have eaten, I find afterwards I'm much better hydrated than using any other product or water alone. I really notice the difference in my stamina when hiking or working outdoors. All the other so-called electrolyte stuff like Gatorade and Emergen-C and stuff like that is just stuffing you full of sugar and I got dangerously dehydrated while using those products. To the point that my cognition suffered and when I cried I had no tears, no urine (and no snot!) left to give. Not fun and it takes a couple days to recover. But I had these this year, and proper hydration meant I didn't suffer like my campmates in the extreme climate at Burning Man -- no bloody nose, no chapped lips, no headaches or stomach aches or grumpy moments. Even my skin and eyes did not dry out like in the past. Give this a try and compare it to how you feel after Gatorade or water alone and you'll probably come to the same conclusion I did. And now I have this at hand all the time.

This product contains the WHO-recommended rehydration salts, including a little glucose. It mixes up in water instantly, unlike other products that require a lot of shaking (e.g. NUUN). The solution by itself is drinkable, but is much improved by the addition of a small amount of pomegranate juice ( less than 1 oz in 8 oz of solution). I drink 8 oz first thing in the morning and several other times during the day. It is rapidly absorbed so it doesn't sit around in my stomach the way plain water does (yes, gastroparesis is a major problem for us EDS zebras). Order the pack of 100 to get the price down to $ 0.33 per liter -- you can beat that price. Excellent results plus no discomfort equals a success!

I first used WHO rehydration salts when I was traveling in India. I was sure that I had food poisoning because I was weak and felt ill. I was told by a hotel owner that I was probably just dehydrated. He pour a powder similar to this into a liter of water and sure enough, an hour later I felt much better. During this most recent heat wave in New York I've been feeling pretty awful. I ride a bike so I sweat a lot and it's hard to stay hydrated. I bought these looking for something similar to what I had in India. They obviously aren't as cheap here, but for under a buck I went from that same sick and weak feeling to more energetic so it's worth it. It also beats the heck out of a $5 pedialite.

Thought I was going into early mental decline, turns out I was just dehydrated. This stuff is a must for long flights, and physical activity in the heat. Gotta mix it with a full liter of water. Slightly salty sweet, very palatable, especially when cold.

I don't drink enough water as a rule, just don't have a thirst drive, so I'm chronically in a state of slight dehydration. These Trioral packs have helped me to get and stay better hydrated. If you use in 1 liter of water as directed, you can't taste it. I tend to put the entire pack into about 10 ounces of water, so it tastes a bit salty, but I like the taste of salt. In this larger quantity (50/box), they aren't as expensive per serving as some other kinds of hydrating packets (some are over $1 per pack).