• 1982-S US Proof Set
  • Complete Original US Mint packaging
  • Contains 5 coins in stunning proof condition, displayed in one protected lense
  • Each of these 1982-dated coins bears the ā€œSā€ mint mark of the United States Mint at San Francisco
  • This "vintage" Proof Set has been previously owned

Got this for my son in law. Good quality item

Arrived on-time, great condition and the presentation is excellent. Very nice job all around. I would recommend this to anyone interested in coins or just giving a "birth year" gift as a birthday gift.

I originally purchased 3 of these as Christmas gifts (yes I know I'm starting early this year) for 3 male doctors that I have and have had for several years. Finding appropriate gifts for male doctors has always been a challenge. This would work great for a male boss or teacher given that it comes in a nice box and display case. It's also not too personal and shouldn't send the wrong message. Due to the quality, I've purchased several other coin sets as gifts for the male relatives in my immediate family. I'm doing different gifts for the females.

This set that I received I just so happen look it up and these are Verry rare. They are rare because the are offial u.s. mint set that was stamped with the San Francisco mint makes and I can not find this set on at coi. Web site . I was curious and did the research as soon. As I got them in the mail today and the only seta that I could find that are the other proof sets that were minted are firm denvior or Philadelphia. But can't find this set any . and yes the set is gem 10 mint and just like the sell says is the truth on this guys . and yes the coins are uncerc condition

Bought this for my husband for our 35th anniversary celebration. He LOVED it. For once actually made a fuss over a gift.

The case and sleeve were both in good condition. Would order again.

Good gift for grandson who collects coins for fun so far, beautiful set

Purchase good to go