• 1. Specifically Designed For Kindle(7th Generation 2014 Version Not built in Light)- Will Not Fit Previous Generation Kindle Devices;
  • 2. Auto wake your eReader or put it to sleep by opening or closing the cover;
  • 3. Origami case can fold back for one-handed reading and stand reading;
  • 4. Easy clip-on application and precise cut-outs with full access to all controls and features;
  • 5. Ultra slim and ultra lightweight edition protecting your device without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. High quality PU leather with hardback cover protecting your devices from crashing, scratches, dirt and grime.

I bought this for my husband to use with his Kindle. He loves it, cracks me up seeing him using the stand to prop up his Kindle on his lap to read hands free, but hay he is happy.

I love this cover. I have tried a few others but they either did not have a kick stand or the cover just didn't fit well. I was tired of having to prop my Kindle up using my phone when I wanted to read. I love this cover. The cover folds easily and the magnets hold it together. When I am done it unfolds and lays flat and the magnets hold the cover closed. I think it is a clever design.

Fantastic case. One of the only ones I could find for the 7th gen Kindle! Sleek and sturdy!

Great case, just what I needed. The case is compact, fits perfectly and the material feels like good enough quality. I don't really have use for the origami feature and not sure how well it would work – folds as should but don't seem super stable. 'Sharp edges' that some people found bothering are just fine in my opinion.

it took forever to figure out what case would fit my daughter's kindle. but this is a perfect fit for a 7th generation kindle.

Here's a short review. WOW, to me this case is REALLY ATTRACTIVE. I'm in love with small devices that can fit in my pocket and bring out easily without hassle such as the kindle 6". This case fulfills that purpose and more. The cover offers an origami shape to which acts a stands, GOOD JOB on that. It gives a slightly slippery and soft texture so sliding it in and out of my pocket is hassle free making my life a little bit easier. I've bought a different case before this from "Elsse" and in comparison the one from "Elsee" is a bit bulky making it hard to fit in my slightly skinny jeans (I'm a guy). THERE ARE NO CONS TO THIS PRODUCT FOR ME and in conclusion this will satisfy your taste and preference ;)

This case was a perfect fit for my older 7th generation kindle.

Works as advertised, useful for train trips.

Very nice case . Multi functional stand is great for tray table on airplane !