• 100% recovery rate / fire retardant
  • Size: 2″ Height x 30″ Width x 72″ Length
  • Uses: foam mattresses, bedding support and all other home and commercial upholstery applications
  • Ideal for oval and round poker tables, furniture cushions, boat cushions and car cushions
  • Density : 1.8 , 44 lb compression

I ordered a couch from Sears because I couldn't find anything locally that had the right dimensions. That should pretty much sum up why I needed to add foam to the seating, but I'll continue anyway. Within a few months, this stupid couch was near crippling after just an hour of tv watching. I added the foam right on top on the cushions and then put a sheet over the couch (my family are not fancy couch people, we cannot be trusted with nice things) so I have to cover the upholstery so I can wash then once a week or so. Anyway, this foam has made the couch so comfortable I actually chose it over the bed for recovery after surgery last month. So much better! I suppose i could open up the cushions and replace that foam, but really, that doesn't sound like me at all.

I own a travel trailer with 2 sets of bunks. The original mattresses, which were made of foam, became ruined and I needed to replace them. New travel trailer mattresses go for over $150 each! The FoamTouch Upholstery Foam Cushion was the exact same size I needed and was a lot cheaper. I also purchased the Gilbins 100% Cotton Fleetwood Mattress Cover, Zips around the mattress, Cot Size for $19.99 and decided to give this a try. I wasn't sure how comfortable these would be but it turned out that my very picky children (ages 10, 12, and 14) LOVED them! They had no complaints what so ever. For around $55 each, I was able to replace the beds, had happy children and a very enjoyable camping trip.

Bought this to fix my sofa cushions that were sagging. The foam inside the cushions had compressed over the years and the fabric stretched out. I cut two pieces of the foam to match the size of the cushions (26x26) and inserted them underneath the original foam filling. The foam filled them back up and they look and feel new again. I like this better than the hard under-cushion supports, it was cheaper, and I even had some left over.

I had surgery five days ago. I knew I would be recuperating on the couch and my couch is terribly uncomfortable. The cushions are thin and the spaces between the cushions feel awful when sat on. I put down a thick blanket over the seat but I could still feel everything underneath it. I decided to go with memory foam. I did a lot of research and was just about to buy an egg crate foam strip elsewhere for $16.00 when I decided that two inches of foam would be much more comfortable. I got this one at the last second and am glad I did. The difference between sitting or laying on my couch now verses before the foam is huge. This foam is very comfortable, protects me from the awful cushions and spaces between them and just feels good. I have slept well with this foam cushion on the couch and I have no intention of taking it off when I am recovered and back in bed. We did cut off several inches from the side since it was too wide. My cat took over a big piece of that and he now curls up on his own little foam bed. I may get one for my queen bed. We have a topper but it doesn't feel as good as this by any means. I made the right decision in going with a more expensive cushion rather than the egg crate or a one inch thick one. This one is definitely worth the money and mine had no odor at all which I saw some complaining about. I can't find a con so I am going with 5 stars.

I made a new mattress for a customers rv an I used this form plus a 2 inch memory foam on top, made a cover. He loves it!!

This is the perfect size to do a complete set of six chairs for far cheaper than buying individual cushions. Just use an electric knife to cut to custom shape

I purchased 2 of these foam cushions to give extra padding for the bunkbeds in our travel trailer. The bunks measure 30"x74" and these worked perfectly with no modifications.

Our couch was so sad and saggy and the husband wanted to buy a new one. But I was a little attached to it cleaned well survived not one but two children and worked well for the decor so we made a deal I could do whatever I wanted to try and “save the couch” but if it was worse to the curb it would go! Well I bought this foam and opened the couch sewed it back together and viola! My husbands booty graced that couch and he looked at me and said how did you pull this off? This is a brand new couch!!!!!!!! So now I get to keep my couch! The foam is amazing it bounces back and is so comfortable and saved me from spending thousands on new living room furniture!!!!!

Very nice. Great for odd little projects that you don’t have much space. Easy to cut to size and actually very comfortable.

Used this for cushions on my new dining booth. Easy to work with and cushion is just right.