• Designed to protect and perfectly fit your Fire HD 10 (only compatible with 5th Generation - 2015 release)
  • Provides protection against scratches, smudges and dirt while minimising glare
  • Easy bubble-resistant installation
  • Includes two screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card

Love these. I have used many screen protectors but these are by far the very best. Easy to put on and no bubbles. They are static cling not glue. They are perfect for the Kindle 10. HIGHLY recommend you get these!

Protector went on easily and as instructed. No difference in screen clarity what so ever. Covers total screen. Can wipe clean with cloth supplied and, does not seem to mark as easily. Any liquid beads up and is wiped off easily, and a paper towel will do. Have had no major spills on it. Grand children use tablet and sometimes snack around it; offers good piece of mind from this. Good buy.

This is a standard adhesive matte-finish screen protector. One great feature of the product is that the adhesive that holds the product to the tablet screen has two peel-off covers (rather than one), which gives the opportunity to get perfect alignment with the screen with a small panel of adhesive exposed before exposing the larger panel. With such a large screen protector, trying to align it with all the adhesive exposed at once would be difficult. The product is high-quality and looks great once installed, but the large size gives more opportunity to trap dust and bubbles. There is no silver bullet here. I believe the manufacturer has made the best product they can. A large adhesive screen protector is inherently tricky to apply. I was able to apply it with no trapped dust or bubbles, but I had to use a few tricks ... here are my suggestions and tricks ... First, if you search the internet, there are references to people running a hot shower in their bathroom to knock the dust out of the air, then applying a screen protector in the bathroom. I don't know if this actually works, but the principle is sound. Do all you can to minimize mobile dust in the environment. Turn off your air conditioner. Second, be sure you have good lighting. Third, prepare approximately 10 pieces of Scotch tape, each maybe 3 inches long, before you start. You will likely need the tape to remove trapped dust. It is easier to prepare the tape in advance. Fourth, the general approach I'd recommend is to apply the screen protector then examine the installation carefully. If you notice that you've trapped a piece of dust, apply Scotch tape to the corner nearest the dust, then use the tape to lift the screen protector just far enough to be able to reach the dust. While holding a portion of the screen protector off of the tablet screen using Scotch tape, use a second piece of Scotch tape to remove the piece of dust from the bottom of the screen protector, then re-seat the screen protector. You may need to do this a few times to get all the observable pieces of dust. Fifth, apply the screen protector by holding it in a concave shape then gradually allowing it to mate with the tablet screen. If you trap any bubbles, backtrack a little and go more slowly or maybe use a finger to remove the bubble before it is trapped. Applying the screen protector so as not to trap bubbles is easier than trying to remove the bubbles after the fact with the little stiff card provided in the kit.

This works just as it should. No glare and protects the screen. I like that they send two so that when the first one wears out I can just replace it or if you place it on incorrectly and completely goon it up you have another one handy for a redo. Great price point and though I haven't had it all that long it seems to be just what I needed and is working perfectly.

I've purchased screen protectors for my older Kindle Fire and my Iphones from other vendors. The protectors are usually very challenging to apply due to air bubbles and squeezing them out with the card is usually a tedious process. Not the case here. Was very pleased how easy it was - only a few minor bubbles that pressed down easily. Had it applied to my Kindle Fire 10 within 3 minutes.

Easiest screen protector I have ever used. I always use a screen protector, but hate putting them on and dealing with getting it straight and bubble free. This took a minute to apply, first try and done. If I need another, I will be buying this brand again.

It is doing a fine job of protecting the screen. My wife carries the Fire everywhere and, bless her heart, she is not the most carful person and she has not scratched the screen. I wish it were a little easier to get the air bubbles out but life is like that.

I use my Kindle10 a lot and have issues with glare/reflection when not at home. I ordered this when I saw it was available, and had it installed. I love this. I have had the screen protector on for a day, and I do not see the fingerprint smudges that I often saw on other screen protectors, and am grateful that I'm not getting light reflections back whenever I look at the screen. This was worth the investment.

I actually got this screen protector on there with out any bubbles. I don't know how long it last but it is great so far. It is probably best to put it on there at night and let it cure out all night.

There were no issues putting this screen protector on my new Kindle HD10. I thought perhaps because the screen was larger than my other Kindles I would have a problem. I did not. Thank you.