• Healthy, natural dog bones are highly digestible
  • Natural dog treats promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Dog treats contain no added salt, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors
  • Medium dog treats are suitable for dogs up to 35 pounds
  • Flavored dog treats contain delicious bison flavor dogs love

My dogs love these and maybe a little too much. They actually know where I keep them and go to that cabinet sit, whine and paw at the cabinet door trying to pry it open. I like it's made in USA, healthy treat for my sweet babies and something they'll eat because they are two of the finickiest waters ever and most treat bags I buy end up donated or in the trash bin.

My dogs absolutely love these. So far, I believe these are their absolute favorite treat. These keep my Standard Poodle entertained for a few minutes, but my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix devours them in probably a minute or so (she usually inhales her treats though). I wouldn't recommend these if you're looking for a way to occupy your dog, but I love seeing how excited my dogs get over these that I will probably continue to buy them.

Our dog really loves these things. Once she gets started on it she will not stop until the entire chew is gone. This is a good deal. The 2 pack costs $3-$5 while the 10 pack is $7. People has to understand what there buying. Review after review complaining it don't "long lasting" It's not meant to be a forever bone like the rubber bones. What the company means by long lasting is that your dog won't inhale it like a hot dog weenie. These bones and antlers meet there intended use by occupying your dog for a period of time so the get there "chewing drug fix". After one of these it will in fact be a good amount of time before your dog starts chewing up your house again. They do work and dogs love them.

I got this Healthy chew bone thingie, wild venison flavor for dogs 50 pounds and over, for my 20 pound cocker spaniel, thinking it would keep her busy for awhile, like hours. Twenty minutes after I handed it to her, it was gone! She loved it! I guess she's still a power chewer, even though she's 11 and missing some of her front teeth. I'll get her more for her own size, next time, though. But she was happy as could be for that 20 minutes!

French bulldog puppy loves these things. They don't last long but he will stay busy working on it till it's gone. Nothing will break his concentration on it. I say if he loves it that much and it keeps him busy for a 1/2 hour then it's worth it. I am on my 5th pack and just purchased 6 more.

These were a HIT with my daughter's dog when she visited home for Christmas. Her dog ignored everything else and went right for these which were Christmas wrapped up very well in packages in a box below other gifts under the tree. When we left the house, I left my hove monitoring camera on the area my Daughter's dog bed was not too far from the Christmas tree. My camera captured the dog moving two layers of other Christmas gifts from under the tree that were on top of these Chews (Venison & Buffalo) which were heavily wrapped within a box & Christmas paper. It took her about 10 minutes to first get the package from under the tree to her bed a few feet away & then get thru the wrapping & package before enjoying her treat. We came home to the mess of wrapping paper on the floor but a happy & content dog. She just couldn't wait until Christmas.

This item doesn't last forever. It does however last long enough to pacify a puppy at bedtime and get him down for the night. If you have a hyperactive Siberian Husky puppy or a large Labrador puppy, then you know they take naps throughout the day just so they can keep you awake at night. Their energy level winds up just as yours is winding down. These wonderful edible bones are then worth every single penny you paid for them because you toss one to your puppy, turn the lights down, and you hear nothing more than peaceful silence as you drift off to sleep. The puppy contentedly chomps and licks on his delicious pacifier for hours until he falls asleep. Also entertains those hyperactive large breed puppies while you're trying to type term papers for college. Remember that day it was raining and he wanted to walk and you didn't. A puppy can be bribed. I only paid $4 for the bone on Amazon and notice that it comes in many flavors. Seems to have been created by the doggie tooth fairy for dental care at bedtime and doubles as a night-time pacifier to send puppies off to sleep without a wimper.

Bought these for my two 5 year old dogs, one 57 lb Husky/Shepherd and one 69 lb Boxer/Pitbull. While they didn't last very long in my opinion, it provided about 15-20 minutes of chomping fun - plenty enough time for my guys. If your dogs are bigger and are used to chewing toys/bones like mine are, they may also be able to get through these relatively fast. You can bend these easily, they don't have sharp edges, and as your dog chews the treat breaks away in chunks that aren't sharp either. My dogs digested them with no issue as well. I would recommend keeping an eye on your pet as they enjoy this treat like any other edible though just in case. I bought these as an add-on item so the price was great and I would definitely buy them again as a special treat.

I decided to try these for my Rottweiler so I included them in my last subscribe and save order (all her treats and food are delivered to my door once a month, it's great, plus I get a nice discount that way) For the price of less than $3 a package for a totally healthy treat it's a good deal. It only takes her about 10 minutes of very leisurely chewing to put one away, but she's a Rotty - it would probably be longer lasting for a smaller dog!! I usually give her a chewy treat after playtime or any other time I want her to chill out a little, works great!

I am going to have to buy this again. My Lhasa Apso ate these in one sitting. He stole my other dogs and ate that too. Considering he ate his and his brothers I’m going to give it a paws up! I had to hold his head up to make sure he didn’t put the whole thing in his mouth! It was actually the end of it. Lol he said “pardon his looks, mommy gets him groomed tomorrow” but his paws were easy to handle the bones with no problems.