• EASYFLEX LANDSHARK POUND-IN LANDSCAPE EDGING: Create a beautifully landscaped yard without having to hire a professional - landscape edging with minimal ground preparation
  • KIT INCLUDES: 12 foot serrated coil of black landscape edging, and 2 heavy duty anchoring stakes to keep the ends of the edging in place
  • DO-IT-YOURSELF: Score the ground about 2 inches deep around your design, place the edging in desired location and gently push or hammer with the serrated edge facing down
  • FLEXIBLE: Flexible, yet sturdy plastic allows the edging to be installed in a straight line or molded to create tight curves
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LENGTH: For shorter lengths, simply measure out the amount needed for your project and cut with garden shears - or create a larger design by using the included stakes to join multiple coils

Installed this landscaping border around my flower bed in the front yard to hopefully keep the mulch IN the garden area rather than all over the yard when it rains (rare here in the desert) or the wind blows (common here in the desert). I believe it is going to work just fine - and it looks GREAT! The key in installation, I believe, is to straighten out the border first. Also use 2 people, if possible, although can probably be done with one person.

If you install this as directed it works great. We wanted a barrier between our lawn and a rock wall in front of a garden berm. We dug a trench, lined that with black weed barrier and filled with pea gravel. This notched plastic edging worked great. We laid it out in the sun briefly, it stretched out flat. We also made a string line to follow a straight line. Easy to install. Again. follow directions as would be the same with any barrier. Ordering more as we speak.

This stuff is extremely tough and is very easy to install. I'm so glad I found it while searching! i laid out in my yard in the sun thinking it might be easier to install. I won't do that again! Its easier to install while its cool and hard. I bought this to help keep my mulch in my flower bed in the rain and its definitely going to do that well!

I don't write reviews often and was skeptical that this wasn't junk but it is very sturdy and took my pounding with a rubber mallet without damaging it at all. Very good. Just ordered two more rolls.

Because it has totally blocked the grassroots movement in my yard!!! But seriously, not bad to install, easy to maintain the edges, can take a beating with the edger.

Very good quality... much better than expected. I unpacked the plastic and let it sit on the driveway for about 30 minutes... which straightened it out very nicely. During this time I watered the area it would be installed (straight line along asphalt). I followed the instructions and used a flat shovel to create a small crevice about 2 inches deep... then placed the plastic sheet into it... and lightly tapped down to an even height using a rubber mallet. I then used 4 spikes (purchased separately 10 more) and secured in place... worked like a champ.

I used this in my backyard garden. It’s sturdy, unobtrusive, and easy to install (IF you read/follow the directions!). Waves seem to be a recurring issue in the reviews. It is a little wavy at installation. Unrolling the strips a day or two before installation helps reduce that. I’m in Houston and we have some very tough clay. The clay held this in place better (read: fewer waves) than my improved soil but either way, it worked out fine as the waviness became less noticeable after a few days. I liked this product enough to buy three more. It’s a simple but good, well-priced border.

After watering the lawn deeply, I set-in the Landshark edging (with relative ease) in a bricked garden walkway. Afterwards I added sand to the bricks. This product works great for keeping the brick and sand in place! I liked it so much I ordered 40 more feet. Suggestion: as this is very stiff plastic and comes tightly wound, install the edging in the opposite direction of its natural curl and pound and pull into place as you go. It may take a little more effort but the tension helps keep this edging upright and not as wavey.

I wasn't feeling too positive about this working to keep the soil & mud from running onto my patio. I have an odd shaped (and raised) flower bed that makes a terrible mess on the patio every time it rains. I assumed this would help some- but after several months of use, I can honestly rate it 5 stars. Not a single mess! Not even a small one! I kept it raised just high enough to hold everything back then hid it with the large stones I previously had there. The stones helped a little on their own but not much. It's very sturdy. Due to it being rolled, my son helped hold it straight while I pounded it in. We used it right from the box; we didn't roll it out and let it sit in the sun before using.

This worked great for my needs. I have a small flower bed by my walk to the house. The rain kept washing the mulch onto the walk. I wanted something unobtrusive to keep the mulch in place. This works very well. It was very easy to install. I am a rather old female so that was important!