• The World's Number One Car Fire Extinguisher Bracket! - Adjustable-width design that either clamps onto the seat rails or bolts onto seat mount points
  • Compatible with the cradles supplied with H3R HG250, Amerex B417T or B385TS, Kidde 408-466727, FA110 or FA5G, or any 2 - 2.5lbs extinguishers with a supplied cradle with hole spacing of 4-¼”, 4-⅝” or 5” (108mm, 117mm or 127mm) center to center.
  • Easy installation in around 15 minutes without drilling holes that places extinguisher out of the way, but within easy reach
  • Constructed from high strength A572 high grade 50 steel with durable finish and supplied with stainless steel bolts and Allen Keys

I used this bracket to mount a 2.5 lb Amerex ABC extinguisher under the front seat of my 2006 Toyota 4Runner. The mount bolted perfectly to the existing seat bolts and is surprisingly out of the way, yet still very easy to reach. In the photos you can see exactly how it's mounted. The only thing I had to do was slightly trim my Weathertech floor mats, but they are aftermarket full coverage mats that I would never expect to be fully compatible with this bracket. Unfortunately I had to dock this great bracket one star because of defective hardware. One of the machine screws was not manufactured correctly and I had to tighten it with vice grips. I included a photo showing the defective screw. I will be contacting the manufacturer regarding this. It will be interesting to see how it is handled. EDIT: I was personally contacted on this relatively minor issue by the owner of the company, Simon Wehr, by email, within a few minutes of an email to him describing the problem. He seems to be sincerely interested in making this right and stated that he would be happy to replace the screw. I forwarded him my address and fully expect there to be no other issues. I believe that good customer service is in how a company deals with the occasional issue that crops up. In this case I couldn't ask for better customer service. I adjusted my rating to a full five stars. Thank you Simon!

Car installed in: '08 Volvo C30 Fire extinguisher used:

My wife & I own a Chevy Traverse that has few areas to store a fire extinguisher in a secure way. I wanted to keep a fire extinguisher in the car in case of a fire or if we come up on an accident and a fire extinguisher is needed. I purchased this bracket to resolve that problem. The enclosed directions were helpful. I needed to purchase a tube of blue tread lock from an auto parts store, as recommended in the directions. I like that the screws are hex types instead of Phillips or straight type screws. The kit comes with a tool to tighten the hex screws. Putting the bracket together was an easy job. I snapped a fire extinguisher onto the bracket and it fit great. I'm happy I purchased this bracket. Highly recommended.

Going to start by saying how awesome this thing is. I bought it for my 2004 Nissan 350z because I need a fire extinguisher to go on the track near me and heard good things about this. This fits perfectly under my driver's seat. Took a little bit to get it properly settled with the correct lengths that I wanted but it was all easy stuff. Just takes time to install. Plus it looks really "racecar" =)

I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler. I wasn't able to use the 2 bolt-on ends. But the long main piece is the perfect length. I removed the 2 front nuts on each side of the seat that hold the seat rails on and also removed the bracket that the seat spring hooks to (you won't need that piece anymore). Then used a step drill bit to enlarge the very ends of the slots on each side of the long main piece just enough to be able to bolt it on to the seat slid bolts. Then hook the seat spring in the slot on the bracket you just installed. This way the extinguisher is (in) and (up) out of the way enough to have full seat movement (seat tipping forward) for letting passengers in the back. I've seen where some people have said you loose this seat tipping forward function on Jeep TJ with this bracket. Hope this help

The bracket is well made and designed. It was easy to install in my 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off Road Premium. I had to remove the seat plastic trim covers. They easily snapped off. I was able to use the seat mounting bolts to secure the bracket. It took about 30 minutes to install. It would have been faster but I readjusted the bracket a couple of times to adjust the extinguisher position. I compared this with another universal bracket that sells for $99. This one did exactly what I wanted for 2/3 of the price.

Great product for the price point. Though the product is for a universal installation, I have to modify two stainless steel angles that came with the unit. to fit my 89 Porsche. No a big deal for me, but others may encounter a similar issue. Nonetheless, the unit is very easy to install once very thing is dialed in.

This bracket fits great in my new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL . As long as your not short and need the seat full forward it provides quick easy access to the extinguisher. Nice clean looking install that doesn't detract from the appearance. Only negative is the handle to slide the seat back and forward is a little awkward to grab now but its still accessible. Since I'm the only driver for my Jeep it's not going to be moved much anyhow.

This WILL NOT work in my 2020 F150 XLT. I tried both the front and rear of the seat tracks, and it will not fit properly. UPDATE : I got a email from the president of the company, suggesting that I watch the installation video and after I did - - the bracket fits Perfectly. I mounted it on front of the driver's seat and it was very easy to do once I came to my senses.

I purchased this for a 1988 Porsche 911 as it was a universal fit for a manual seat. Once installed on the real seat rails it limited the ability to push the seat all the way back. I had to remove it from the rails and fasten it using a securing point behind the outside seat rail so seat could be moved back all the way. The inside seat rail does not go as far back as the outside rail so there was no attachment point. Made it work but not the way it was intended by using one seat rails securing bolt. As it is installed it works fine with no vibration or movement. Purchased from Amazon for half the price it was listed for on eBay.