• Dispenses fish-Pond food automatically
  • Up to 4 user-programmable feeding daily. 1 to 99 day programmable feeding schedule
  • Adjustable portion sizes. Free-standing or base mountable. Food tank can be disassembled for cleaning
  • 4.25L (1.6kg) big capacity food hopper. Four "C" sized batteries required (not included)
  • Simple operation and installation. A clear easy-to-read digital LCD screen which shows all information at a glance

load it up with batteries and food then let it run. i put this next to my 220 gallon indoor tank to feed my koi when i am away. works like a charm. up to 4 times a day. granted i use this indoors. it works when i am not there so i am happy.

I've been using it a couple of months now with my indoor pond. Just set it and forget, no issues encountered thus far.

I love this product and their customer service. Easy to use. Holds large amount of feed and Customerservice was quick to respond when I encountered a problem. Will be purchasing from this company many times again!

Great for when I am on vacation! Thanks for getting it here before my trip!

Works great so far. I've had it outside in the FL sun and rain, but it's still performing perfectly. I don't fill the hopper all the way up, and at 2 feedings per day the food lasts about 2 months. The batteries last about 3 months, which is reasonable. I have not had problems with bugs getting in there yet, which surprised me. Not sure it's because of the design, or if they just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Been running all summer and I haven't noticed and hiccups. Koi are happy and well fed. Programming is a little non-intuitive but not all that difficult. Search youtube for videos. I wrote a little cheat sheet on the side of the unit with a Sharpe.

Never had a automated food feeder - It easy to setup - I used to feed my KOI pellets - up to 4 times a day and you can adjust how much food comes out - used it for a 10 day vacation - I feed them 4 times a day - almost max amount and had plenty of food left - so it would last about 5 or 6 days left - I recommend this product

I have owned this unit for about 2 months and so far, it's working great! Easy to set-up and instructions. My fish are Fat & Happy!!

I use this for my aquarium while I am gone for months at a time. Dispenses food well and has a huge hopper!

this works well and easy to set up. cheaper price than the one we had and seems to work the same. only thing we had to do was tape the bowl to the base, comes off easy. but simple fix as last ng as you dont about looks.