• [Size] About 66 (length) x 10 (diameter)mm
  • Material : Brass
  • [Material] : Brass
  • For 2mm leads
  • Color : Gold

I have probably a dozen different lead sharpeners of all different shapes and sizes. I am always looking for the perfect one, especially the perfect sharpeners to take with me when I am out and about. Some sharpeners make a great point but are too big. A few are small enough but make a lousy point. Or the shavings collect inside and then dump out and get all over your other drawing gear. The Ohto is TINY, about 2-1/2 inches long. It's perfect in my small box where I keep my two Rotring Rapidpro pencils, spare leads, and Pentel Click and Factic BM2 erasers. I'm particular about my gear and the Ohto fits right in. It doesn't make the absolute perfect point. That sharpener is clamped to my drawing table. But out on the street it's by far the best sharpener available. Sure it's not built like a tank. Sure you could crush it if you stepped on it. But if you are rough with it you will break your lead anyway. So don't be. Insert your lead, twist it a couple of times, tap the sharpener to remove the shavings, and get back to your drawing. Quick, easy, and a perfect size. Under normal use it should last a long time.

One of strangest pointers I've seen, but works like a charm. In my experience I have had two different types of lead pointers. One is what I call the long point and the there the short point. The long point sharpener make a long tapering point, while very sharp it is also fragile and breaks easily; the other type the short point sharpener which is this type make a short tapering point which whole sharp wears down more quickly, but is not a fragile as the long point and so does not break as easily. I use mostly soft 2mm lead, I prefer the short point and tend to grab this pointer more often. I also misplace it more often.

Wish I would’ve purchased this one first, I bought three prior models, one was terrible, it chewed up the lead, the other two were ok but one was bulky and the other was heavy, this one is perfect, small & lightweight and sharpens easier and better than all the others!

Looked and looked for a easy to use sharpener for my 2 mm colored pencil leads. I finally found one. I love this one!!

i bought a lead pointer without a case a while back and it was so tiny that i lost it all the time and it was impossible to not make a bit of a mess. this one solves all those problems! it doesn’t work that great for actual pencils, it doesn’t evenly remove lead but i only use it for lead holder style pencils and for that it works fantastic! love the color too

I got this for sharpening my Staedtler 2.0mm pencil. It works great! It also keeps the graphite shavings contained. Very happy with it.

Very lightweight, sharpener holds shavings until ready to dispose. Easy to carry in a pocket.

This thing is exactly what I needed. Nice and compact. Fits nicely into my rotring case so that was a bonus!

Small lead sharpener that’s lightweight, travel friendly, and works great!

I don't have any other lead pointers to compare this to, but this one is well-made, compact, and serves its purpose. I'm very happy with it.