• YIPPEE, YOU CAN BE HAPPY WITH YOUR FURRY FRIEND AS THIS POPULAR SPRAY WORKS ON MOST CAT BREEDS (Indeed, the formula is 100% guaranteed, as described below). This SAFE AND NATURAL SCRATCH-REPELLENT SPRAY STOPS THE DESIRE OF MOST CATS TO "REDECORATE" a HOUSE: mischievously claw the furniture, carve the carpets, free the feather-stuffed pillows, swing from the curtains, trim the Christmas tree, etc',...So, really anything you wish to defend from your cat's claws
  • SIMPLY BUY & TRY THIS UNIQUE SOLUTION as it is a far better option than prior unsuccessful attempts of covering a couch with tape, tinfoil, or being relegated to sitting on the floor... The spray creates an invisible liquid shield with powerful, ultra-protective properties, which can convince most cats to seriously reconsider clawing their way through your highly prized belongings
  • REST ASSURED, AS THIS IS A NON-STAINING FORMULA, thus producing both pet & furniture-friendly results! The ingredients have been meticulously picked to be both plant-based and gentle, as well as formulated to be effective with a majority of cats, so you are likely to finally get the best results for your valuable furniture plus the perfect companion pet you've longed for
  • KEEP IN MIND, IF YOU HAVE A VERY WILLFUL CAT, YOU MAY NEED TO ADD A SUPERB SCRATCHING SURFACE. Provide your frisky Felis catus with a clawing alternative that it absolutely adores, so THE SPRAY + A PRIME RATED SCRATCHING POST is THE ANSWER! Because some cats display more jungle-style clawing than a typical house cat, an extra-stubborn cat without a great scratch area will either repeatedly try to remove the spray, or target a new helpless furniture awaiting to endure its very own meow-makeover
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS. As a small family business we want your family to be satisfied with our products. That's why we stand behind our 365-day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you put it to the test and are not satisfied, you get a full refund! We hope that you will give our product a serious spray as our customer care team (Kelly and her lovable feline sidekicks Mittens and Bing Clawsby) are feline-savvy and are dedicated to bring you the peace of mind you need.

I admit, I was a little skeptical at first but this stuff works wonders. My cat loves to scratch the carpet; in fact, he scratches the carpet around the scratching post as almost in protest. But the first time I sprayed the carpet and he stopped scratching! You have to get use to the smell if you're not a fan of rosemary (I like the smell so it didn't bother me) because it can be a little overpowering. But the cats weren't bothered by the smell and no more scratching the rug! You just have to remember to keep using it.

So far, so good!! Our two cats had used our brand new upholstered recliner as a play/scratching post for some reason. Spraying them with water wasn't fast enough but using this has worked! We've only caught one on the chair one time since spraying 3 times a day but then he jumped right off. My only reservation is that it is slightly oily on the surface but I think that's because I might have been over zealous in application. The smell isn't bad and doesn't last long.

I've only been using this for four days and have 5 indoor cats. Four out of five were feral cats that we had neutered the fourth one is still under 6 months and he will be the next one. Three out of the five think my living room furniture is for scratching (yes they have scratching post, scratching mat, catnip toys and balls to play with). My furniture I've had for 10 years and was given to me slightly used 11 years ago...So long story short I wanted NEW furniture anyway now I will get them but told myself NOT til I get thesel furbabbies trained. Well let me tell you I started with the chair (upholstered) with wooden legs and sprayed the area that they decided was theirs and the seat cushion and so far they have NOT touched the chair whatsoever...Next the couch...So right now I give it ***** stars!

It works. The cat doesn't know why, but she no longer wants to scratch the couch. Got her a new scratch pole and placed it in a near by but not next to corner and she goes to that now, not just sometimes as before but always. Heading into second week. Have resprayed just to get this behavior habituated if I can. And will buy a new back up spray bottle soon. What a relief. What a godsend of a product.

I have two 7 month old kittens , who are wild when not sleeping. I sprayed the couch on which I don't want them to sleep or scratch. Lo and behold after a few days it worked and is still working. This stuff is great !

My parents got a brand new couch and didn't want the cats to mess them up like they did with our old couched, so they covered them with sheets. This cracked me up so so I told them that I would look on amazon for something. Low and behold I found this. We have been using the spray for about 3 weeks and the scratching is still happening but not to the extent that it was. And the most important thing that I have discovered from another review is to make sure the cat is looking while you are spraying the furniture. One thing to beware of is the scent, it smells slightly like insect repellant so be careful not to over do it.

After trying several scratch deterrent sprays from the pet store that did absolutely nothing, I didn't hold much hope for this one but was at my wits end with my cat destroying thousands of dollars worth of furniture. After using this product twice a day as directed, I can happily report that in just 1 week, my cat has stayed away from all of the furniture I have sprayed! The smell is a pleasant rosemary fragrance and it is not damaging to the fabric at all. I would highly recommend this spray and wished I had discovered it a year ago when I got my cat! Great product!

This is the first cat scratch deterrent that actually has worked! Our delightful cat has ONE bad habit, ;) and that is scratching the carpet when she walks into the living room, even though there are two---count 'em---TWO scratching posts nearby. Sprayed the area where she had been scratching with about three pumps of Claw Withdraw, and for about two weeks afterward---NO scratching. We just had to spray a couple of times today, but that is to be expected after the scent from the deterrent naturally wears off. The scent of the spray is certainly tolerable to us, and dissipates after a day or two. Oh yeah, no staining or discoloration noted to the carpet, either! Highly recommend this for a cat who scratches where it shouldn't!

This spray is great! My cat was destroying my brand new chair. She has not clawed or even sat on it since I sprayed it. Yes, the spray is a little smelly. Not bad just different. The smell goes away after a few hours but apparently the cat can still smell it. I sprayed the chair daily for three days. Its been two weeks and she still doesn't go near the chair. This spray has saved my furniture and my relationship with my beloved cat.

We adopted a 2 year old rescue kitty recently. She's not one to claw at furniture but she hates closed doors (like a lot of cats). She wants to paw at our closed closet doors, especially when we are sleeping and as you can imagine it drives us crazy. Enter... This stuff... I can't quite place what the scent is but I have smelled it before. I sprayed some of the bottom of the closet door (the cat didn't witness me do it) and left it be for a few hours. When it was time for bed, she sniffed near the closet - she definitely could smell something on it! And then she didn't mess with it! This was only after one application. I will take it day by day to see how often it needs to be reapplied for her case. Overall, I am impressed with it. As we all know, every cat is different so it might not work for every cat. But if you are in a similar situation, give it a try!