• 1,100 lbs scissor lift jack for motorcycle bike with flat bottom,Simple crank operation
  • Widen deck (wide 9'') with safe rubber surface to prevent slippage and scratching
  • Solid & Sturdy steel construction with a red paint finish
  • This motocycle lift repair stand is Designed to fit most motorcycle models,For use in the garage, shop, or at the track
  • Platform Dimensions: 14.5" x 9",Weight Capacity: 1100 lbs.

I love this little lift and wish I bought one sooner. Zero set up. The instructions say to grease before first use but mine already had a heavy grease on the threads. No issue with being able to lift my Harley Davidson Road King off the floor and very stable. Easy? My 10yo daughter was able to lift the bike using a standard ratchet. The biggest surprise to me was that with a ratchet I can easily and with one hand give the bike/lift minute adjustments. Big advantage when doing things like removing/installing the rear wheel. Also the compact nature of this lift compared to the table lifts or hydraulic ones is great if you have a tight garage. Highly recommend.

Bought for use with my 2015 Harley Iron 883. Have lifted only one end of the bike at a time with this jack. Has been stable and easy to use at all times. It came with a noticeable application of grease on the lift screw but I bought some Lucas HD grease for it as well. The top rubber padding does mar quite easily, but it's all surface stuff so far and not worn through the rubber to bare metal. Bike weighs about 560 lbs wet, and have sat on the bike while the jack supported it with front tire down and the back tire barely down (still spinnable with some force) and I weigh 250 lbs - held just fine and was stable. Positioning under the frame can be tricky, but that's on the bike, not the jack. Definitely recommend.

Got this for my new Honda XR650l Enduro which weighs about 340lbs. Lifts nice so kickstand is not used to save room in garage. No straps necessary because I am just lifting to balance, but wouldn't have any concerns lifting totally off the ground. Stable lift as long as surface under is flat. That being said, I have a Ultra Glide Classic that I would not attempt to lift with this alone. Granted it is Harley's heaviest bike and I read reviews on guys lifting big bike, I wouldn't.

UNBEATABLE VALUE!!! This lift stand is heavy duty, well built, arrived in 2 days, SUPER easy to use, and requires NO assembly. I’m a first year motorcycle owner, so I was intimidated about getting my bike off the cold garage floor in Wisconsin for the winter. I couldn’t believe how easy this was to use! Find the center of gravity of the bike (online look up), and turn the socket key provided. I was done in two minutes. I was shocked how easy it was to get the bike off the floor. I thought I’d really have to struggle to turn the socket key. I didn’t. For reference, I have a Yamaha Bolt (542 lbs/246Kg) and I’m not a super strong guy; but I’m not weak either. If turning the socket key is hard for you, you could very easily use a crescent wrench (I had to look up what you even call that tool) to make it far easier! I am not paid or compensated for this review. It’s just a REALLY good product for a GREAT price!

I use this on my DR650. Because of the bike's high ground clearance, I set this up on some 4x4's first, then lift from there. It's easy to raise the bike and it stays put. It is a bit wobbly though: The top can rock a little relative to the base, which allows a bike wheel to go up or down a few inches. The higher you go, the greater that effect is. It's not been a problem though. It's a sturdy build and I'm happy with it.

This thing has come in handy for lowering my bike and installing pipes. It works pretty darn good. You might want to use a sturdy socket wrench instead of the included handle, but that’s just a preference thing. Good compact lift/jack. Make sure you read the instructions. Keep your side stand down and prepare for the mild heart attack when your bike leans over and comes to rest as you let the lift down. Even though you intellectually know it’s coming, it’s still going to make you panic a little when it happens.

Works great. i have a Vstar 1100 and the engine hangs lower than the frame. Took this baby right out of the box, put a piece of 1x on each side under the frame and up she went. Nice and sturdy. great item that works and doesnt take up a ton of garage space. You can also use it for box squats if you are into weight lifting so that makes it a dual purpose item. Now keep in mind, it is not a professional lift that raises your bike like 4 feet in the air like the dealership has but what do you want for a few buck?

I tried putting my bike up and not stable at all. Will try again soon but with a friend to help hold it up incase it tries to tilt over. Update: I tried it again today. I must say I was wrong about my last post and I feel very horrible for leaving the bad review. This is a great working product... I just didn't know how to use it haha. My apologies for the bad review. Works great on my honda Shadow ace

Works great, though the wrench isn't really sufficient to lift a 600+ pound bike. Just used a 7/8" box-end wrench and had no problem. I wouldn't lift the bike high with this lift as it's small (could use 2 lifts...) but for changing tires or levelling to check oil it's great.

Strong, easy to use and great price, what more could I ask for? I use this primarily to lift my 400lb Suzuki Dr650 for maintenance. I use my Makita 1/4” impact with a socket adapter and 22mm deep socket to zip this thing up and down super fast. I would recommend you apply some grease to the screw before use to protect it from wear as mine was not lubed when it arrived .