• Made in usa
  • Uses : Ideal for oval and round poker tables, furniture cushions, boat cushions, car cushions, foam mattresses and bedding support
  • Density : 1.8 , 44lb compression
  • 100% recovery ratea and lasts from 3-7yrs
  • Contact us for your custom cut needs

This is one of those very few things that make me wish there were 6 stars. I have arthritis in the hips and lower back, and have been dealing with "mushy" cushions to both elevate me a bit to decompress the hips, and offer support. Like many older people, yeah, I'm somewhat overweight, but I'm also just a bit *big*. This is the first cushion I've found that **actually supports me**. Now, that might seem to be a minor thing, but at this stage of my life, where I've lost a lot of my mobility, it's not at all minor. I almost didn't order it because of my past experiences with foam cushions that turn into pancakes - but nope, this is *actually and really* firm and supportive foam. If you're a petite person, regular foam is probably fine, but this firmness is great for me!

It is VERY important to know that this foam is VACUUM PACKED. Item is VERY Small and unrecognizable... Be VERY careful unpacking, unwrap, do not cut the plastic wrap. You will be amazed what happens when you finally get is unwrapped. The quality of the foam is GREAT. i

These arrived even before the promised date, which I appreciate. They are firm and work beautifully as a replacement for our sofa cushions which were way too squishy. Fit pretty well into our original cushion covers. They seem very durable -- I didn't rate durability because we just got them but I do think they will last!

Exactly what was described and the density is very firm despite what some others have said in their reviews - I weight 300# and it supported me very well - I got it to use with a low patio chair to give me a little more lift when I get up -

This foam cushion actually exceeded my expectations. In my 66 years I am used to nothing being perfect. This dense foam cushion is very sturdy and supportive, and it doesn't gradually sink in. So nice to buy something that actually lives up to expectations.

The biggest challenge was unwrapping each cushion ! Then all of a sudden boom , nice 5” firm cushion :-) love them! Do yourself a favor and always get 1 inch smaller for your question covers so they fit nice and firm like this they have a little clasps in the back to hook to your chair, I purchased the covers also on Amazon.

Has anyone noticed that the outdoor furniture seat cushions from HD, Lowes, Home stores, etc. really are poor (other word came to mind but wanted review to pass)! They ALL have flimpsy, non supportive cushions, or whatever filler they have, that simply flattens out when you sit on them. Not sure what junk they put in those seats, but unless you go to Fortunuf for really high price outdoor furniture, your sunk! We bought two of these to replace cushions for our outside wicker chairs that we've had for several years. The seat bottom covers had zippers and were 4" thick, so after reading reviews wanted to try these. First off, we have a 12 x 16 screened in porch, so these chairs never get direct rain. So kind of "outdoor" use. Guess if your seat covers were water proof it would be okay. I'm 235 lbs, my wife a lot less, but never tells me. I had to cut them down to about 23 1/8"' x 22", the size of our seat covers. I first marked the cutting lines along each cushion edge with a permant marker. Then used a standard cutting blade, like you get from Home Depot, scoring along lines, gradually cutting through the foam. It took a while, the foam is dense. Got a fairly straight edge. I've read electric cutting knives work well for cutting foam, but didn't have one. Once cut, I managed to fold the cushions in half, then insert/squish it into seat cover and unfold it to get cushion in. It was a bit tough, but ultimately worked out fine. I inserted the uncut edge in first so the front edge of the cushion would look good. So, did it work? Yes! When my wife and I each sat on these cushions, TOTAL, support. To the point where I hardly sunk in at all! It was very stiff and supportive, and after using all summer, remains supportive. We feel so high up in seats, almost too high, especially my wife. I give it a five for doing what we wanted, not to bottom out and squish down, a four for comfort because even more supportive them I expected!

Purchased to replace one cushion on sectional sofa. Comes vacuumed packed and expands to size ordered. I ordered the high density foam because the sofa gets a lot of use. Feels like I'm sitting on a board. Hopefully this will change over the next few weeks as people sit on it more. I ordered the 24x24. Nit sure if they have a 25x25 but that probably would have been a better fit. Cover has a little room to it, but looking at it you wouldn't even notice. Pic shows new cushion on right arm side.

I bought 6 of these to replace existing couch cushions (the existing cushions had pocket seat coils that had become "smooshed"). Got the 5" height as the cushions had soft form surrounding the pocket coils. Make sure you measure the inside of your cushion to get the proper height. The foam is very sturdy. We cut it with a bread knife (easily) so that it would fit, and inserted into the cushion after removing the pocket seat coils. I purposely made the fit a bit tight. Replaced the outer cover, and zipped the cushions back up. It's like sitting on a brand new couch. Completely firm, no sag. My wife says it's "too firm" but I think it's perfect. Totally recommend this product.

Couch looks and feels new again!