• Made of same material as baby clothing, quality assurance
  • For 8.8lbs to 13.2lbs of the pet. eg, Poodle, Shihtzu and other medium dog
  • Not easy to fade, versatile stretchy
  • Great for dog pajamas also, comfy and warm
  • Gentle wash, line dry, must-have item

these are the nicest shirts i've found. they are super soft, launder well and very cute. our dog has a feeding tube and so she has to wear a shirt to protect the site. these consistently fit and are well made. we had to order several new ones because she has gained some weight - YAY - and her old ones are now snug! i bought all DroolingDog this time. they are the best.

I got this for my senior Yorkie to wear as PJs. He is 14 years old, 6lbs and I got a size medium and it fit him perfect. They tend to run a bit small... to please size up. I loved that it didn't have any sleeves so it was comfy for my little one to not feel as constrained. The material is a nice, soft cotton... easily washable and dryable. Shipping was very fast. Totally recommend this.

I've been on a little shopping spree for my little fur-nephew and fur-niece for their birthdays. Most of the stuff out there can get really pricey. This shirt is super cute and doesn't break the bank!

Farley has a bad habit of overgrooming, and clothing helps restrict her from this. This is the first shirt that Farley doesn't seem to mind. The sleeve holes are not constraining. The second I put it on her, she wanted to play! The material is stretchy and she can wiggle around as usual. She is 9 lbs. 12" neck 14" long and 16"chest. Size large works and she even has a bit of extra room.

I luv seeing my baby in this shirt. Large fits my shi tzu. He loves it. The family loves seeing him in this shirt. It fits as expected. It looks exactly like the picture. I will be ordering more clothes. It looks and feel like quality material. My baby is very playful. This shirt moves well with his body.

My dog had surgery on his chest and I bought this shirt so he couldn't get to his stiches...he loved it and still wants to wear his shirt!

This is a great little shirt, in fact I've just ordered another one. Here is my sad story. I am horribly allergic to dog dander, and yet I have three small dogs in the house, non-negotiable. They have picked up the habit of "shaking", (you know like dogs do when they are wet). All the time they do this and it's gotten to be a habit. Sigh. I read dander is very sticky, and when they do this, they fling it, and it even sticks to the walls. I noticed this winter when they had on sweaters, my allergy got a little better, and I realized the sweaters were containing some of the dander, so I had the idea to get them little light weight cotton tees to wear during the summer. Yes, for my sake. I've ordered a boat load of them, but this one is my favorite. The large size is close-fitting on my west highland terriers, which keeps it in place. It has enough stretch to it, that they can move about in comfort. Plus, they look even more adorable in them (if that's possible), and help them too, by keeping environmental irritants off their skin. And no, they are not too hot.

Daisy-Yorkie- sweats. We have to keep her covered due to her allergies-and she will bite herself bloody. These work nicely. WE have to wash them over and over because of the sweating and staining -they don't look great out of the wash but they are comfortable and the right weight so I will be buying more.

These are excellent dog tee shirts. I bought one, that fit my dog perfectly. The bottom is a perfect location, just high enough so he doesn’t pee on it. I live that there are no sleeves. He doesn’t need them, and sleeves just make a mess. They’re really well made. I bought another two after I bought the first one.

Well made product and thickness of product is perfect for most seasons except when it is quite chilly.