• For more precise work, like drawing or writing, the disc tip provides much better flexibility and accuracy. Another advantage of this type of tip is that with the disc being transparent, you can see what you are writing
  • The stylus is crafted from well-engineered anodised aluminium parts, it's also more comfortable in the hand and is weighty without being heavy. This is going to last for years
  • Fashion design, without extra cap, when not using your stylus, keep the pen barrel screwed on at all times to protect the disc. There is a extra pen bag to protect the stylus from scratch-resistant when not in use.
  • Compatible with all capacities touch screen devices. Such as Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung galaxy phones and tablets & more.
  • ※※※ Note: Please make sure the product is intact in the first use, in case scratch your devices.※※※ Please replace the stylus tip immediately to prevent the screens from scratching by the broken tip. The set of two styluses includes four replacement tips in case one gets lost or ripped which are very easy to install, just pulls out and then slot a replacement in.

I'd bought some similar styluses from another seller, but when dropped, the mesh end gradually broke loose preventing the cap from going back on. so this time I looked for just the disc type. I like the weight of these and the fact that they are well made.

These styluses are amazing. They look super professional and are way better than those microfiber styluses. It feels as though you’re writing with a pen on your iPad. It brings a pouch to hold the styluses and four replacement tips, also you can twist off the pink or blue part of stylus and flip the silver part over and put the tip into the pink part and the stylus closes so you don’t damage the point of the stylus. Really great product, should highly recommend for those who like to hand write on notability, graphic designers or artists should like to draw or just any use where youve been using your finger too much and it’s blistering or hurting.

Great product in my opinion. The stylus performs as good as advertised. They even comewith replacement tips and the opposite side of the tip is in itself a stylus as well though much less precise. I enjoy my purchase very much.

i love this guys, work as well as the adonit stylus. Lost my other set in a hurricane evacuation, now i got a new set for a cheap price. Ive read previous review that these guys scratch screens, well not for me with 4 different pens (2sets)

Love it!!!! My husband is an artist and needed something lightweight for drawing on the iPad pro. This pen flows easily around the tablet and my iPhone 6s plus. I would recommend this to everyone!

I love these pens. I was skeptical of them because of the small disc on the end of the pen. It really is not a problem and it writes very nicely!

I was skeptical but I love them! I was worried about the clear disk but it doesn't bother me at all. They are very precise.

Exactly what was looking for at a very reasonable price. Better than I expected....would recommend and buy again. Works very well with a HP Touchscreen laptop.

I love my new Precise Disc stylus! I am on several coloring apps and it is so helpful when getting in small areas. It is also fantastic for smoothing out colors, especially on portraits. I would definitely recommend this stylus for coloring enthusiasts!