• ✔ PREMIUM QUALITY: Zammex Collagen is enzymatically processed to insure intact peptides property. Sourced from Pasture raised, grass-fed, Non-GMO, (Type I &III) 100% natural hydrolyzed collagen. Served with highly available protein and 18 amino acids to improve your overall wellness. Made in USA.
  • ✔ FOR HEALTHY AND YOUTHFUL HAIR, SKIN, AND NAIL: Keeps skin elasticity, improves skin moisture level, fights against the sign of lines and wrinkles, as well as maintains hair, skin, nail health. Take 1 scoop of Zammex collagen peptides everyday to promote youthful-looking skin, non-drowsy, healthier hair, and strong nails.
  • ✔ FOR BONES AND JOINTS: Builds bone density, repairs tissues, supports healthy cartilage, maintains joints mobility and flexibility, and relieves joint pain and stiffness.
  • ✔ HOW TO USE: Zammex hydrolyzed collagen peptide can quickly dissolve in hot and cold liquid, it's tasteless and odorless. Simply add one scoop of collagen peptide to coffee, milk, smoothie, juice, or water. Create it your own way. Safe for daily use.
  • ✔ REGENERATE FROM INSIDE OUT: Improves immune and digestive system. Helps liver detox, boosts metabolism, and energy output. Supports weight loss, reduces cellulites, and prevents stretch marks.

Although I have only been taking this product for a few weeks, I have been pleasantly surprised. First of all, kudos to the shipper for super fast delivery. I had some concerns about the taste and/or smell of the product (as reported by some reviewers) but I found absolutely no smell or unpleasant taste when added to my morning coffee. I actually think it may have improved the flavor of my cup of Joe. ☕️ I have already noticed a significant improvement in my nails, which have stopped splitting and are now growing long and strong. I am hoping to see improvement in a few months in my hair and thinning eyebrows. My knees still creak, so I can’t comment on any improvement to joint pain at this time.

Pretty pure. I use this with tap water the first day, and the taste is pretty good, no strange odor or flavor. No wonders! the product is derived from grass-fed beef, so it doesn't have strange flavors compared the ones extracted from fish. I am pretty confident with the quality. I add one scoop of powder into my coffee the other day, and I am surprised that it did not change the smell and taste of my coffee. Very satisfied!

It is now Jan 2019. I have tried four different kinds of collagen. I guess they we're ok but none of consistently dissolved like this one, or did as much as this one does. My skin is tighter on my arms and legs, my face looks better, my hair is at least twice as thick and far less falling out. I'm sticking with this one. It's the best! UPDATE: It is now April 22nd and I'm just getting ready to order another container. I probably have a little less than a week left if I only do once a day. I have been doing two most days. It lasted well over the time it said it would. I have tried two different ones so far. While this one seems to work great so far when I opened it, it has a slight beefy odor and slight taste to it. Not so much that if you use it in smoothie, food etc or coffee like I do. But definitely not water. It's too bad because it's a great value!!! I have noticed a marked difference in my skin, hair and nails. Not in my pain level like so many have claimed, sadly. But it works differently on everyone. My hair is growing back in so I'm happy!

Has all the main nutrients that collagen need to thrive from proline, lysine, glycine.arginine and etc. You don't digest collagen but all the nutrients that collagen need to prosper. Collagen has a so called DNA make-up that needs a chart of nutrients to actually feed or fuel and feed the collagen machine to produce at it's highest level. Once at its peak level it then helps your body to turn out healthy skin, nails, bones and more. What your really doing is feeding the collagen machine all the items it needs to reach peak turn out. If you study and educate yourself on " What really does collagen need and what diminishes as you age" You will find almost all the ingredients in this item. Take the time to actually look up what skin needs to look youthful and it will list many of the ingredients in this Collagen peptides bottle.

Great value for this product. Dissolves completely, without any texture/taste change in beverages. Easy way to get 18g of protein in my coffee in the a.m. Have been using collagen peptides since April '17, I have seen significant growth in eyelashes, eyebrows being fuller, nails, hair and skin-especiallly the reduction of cellulite.

I absolutely love this! I'm 53 and started having older skin and joint issues is why I decided to try. I've used another collegan and this one is just as good. Dissolves quickly in hot or cold. No lumping At all! It describes as unflavored and honestly it truly is! I've put in my coffee, hot tea, smoothies and oatmeal and there is absolutely no flavor OR texture changes. The texture is a huge thing for me so for the consistently to stay the same is a big plus! I'm actually on my 3rd container and love it. After 3 weeks I noticed less joint aches. After 6-7 weeks I can tell a difference starting in my hair- more silky and shiny plus less falling out and less breakage. My nails show the new growth with less ridges and appear healthier as well. Overall skin texture is starting too, softer, not as dry and I think I may be seeing overall texture improvements. Definitely will continue to purchase!

I am a retired nurse and originally bought this to boost my immune system. My husband and I have both been using this product for 3 months now. We are in our late 60's and had been experiencing the usual muscle aches and joint pains that come with aging. I can honestly say that I have noticed a huge decrease in both!! Unlike others who reviewed this product, I find that one container lasts a full 30 days with both of us using one scoop a day. Also mixes well in my coffee each morning with no clumping or noticeable taste difference. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed that my eyes were brighter and my skin softer. Within one month I definitely noticed a marked decrease in muscle aches. Also I had a slight receding/thinning hairline and have noticed that hair has begun to grow in these spots. My husband has typical male pattern baldness and he also has begun to have "peach fuzz" growing on his head. Not saying this will totally clear baldness but do notice a difference in these spots. Last spring it seemed that I caught every cold/flu/stomach virus that came around so realized I needed to do something to boost my immune system. I googled some remedies and this is what I eventually decided on. When we first starting using it we noticed that we were making more frequent trips to the bathroom but that soon remedied itself. The only negative that I find with this product is I have occasional facial flushing, my husband does not experience this. So to bottom line it, my eyes are brighter, my skin is softer, my hair is thicker, my muscle aches have nearly disappeared, and I had a definite improvement in my immune system and an increase in my energy level. Well worth the investment and would definitely recommend this product!

I have been using this product for several months now. It mixes well in my morning coffee and has no taste. There is a slight smell, but it’s not a problem for me. I’m 62 and my hair is thinning, but when I went to my last hair appointment, my stylist commented about lots of new hair growth! Great news for me! I lost my eyebrow hair a few years ago; unfortunately, there is not much new growth there. My nails don’t split or break anymore, which has been a problem my whole life. I have to cut them back every couple of weeks because they get too long. I also believe this collagen has helped with my old joints. I rarely have knee pain now, and my tennis elbow does not bother me as much as it used to. I will continue to use this product and am thankful it’s available on Amazon!

I started drinking collagen 3 years ago after constantly contracting virus throughout the year (getting old is a **tch!) I can't say my fingernails, hair, and skin are better - but I definitely heal much faster and my immune system is what it was when I was younger. Having two dobermans with skin issues I decided to try this with them. Both dogs' skin issues have cleared up and their coats are amazing! Very pleased with this product. Product arrived on time and in perfect condition.

I started using these collagen peptides in January 2018. I originally purchased them because I’m losing weight and heard they helped skin tone up better if you use them while losing. My skin does feel better than it has in a long time and it appears to be working. Weight loss is a slow process, so it will take much longer than 3 months to determine if it continues to work through larger losses. The amazing side benefit is my knee. I have been having a problem with my knee for the last 2 years, preventing me from doing any strenuous activity and at times making just walking painful. After about 3 weeks, I noticed I could walk up/down stairs without pain. It felt amazing! After a couple more weeks I was actually able to run a few minutes at a time on the treadmill without pain... miracle! The effects of my skin are nice, but it’s the amazing effects on my knee that have kept me purchasing. I tried another more expensive brand, but came back to Zammex. It dissolves better, has no taste and saves me money for a comparable, if not slightly better, product.