• 🌷 FULL HD 2019 latest Upgraded projector 1080p supported - our QKK 2019 latest Upgraded Mini projector is great designed for indoor and out door movies in dark. You will surely enjoy your happiness movie night with your family easily. [Not recommended for ppt presentation! ]
  • 🌷 Highest Native resolutions on the market: QKK home theater projector supports 1920*1080 resolution with 50, 000 hours long term lamp life, 2000: 1 contrast ratio, 16: : 9 aspect ratio, 32-176” big screen display at the distance of 1. 5M-5m. (Ideal distance is 3. 5M with 120” display. )
  • 🌷 double USB port designed projector - concerned about many customers need to use 2 USB flash drives at the same time, QKK Mini projector technical team worked hardly and successfully added another USB port on the projector (The only Mini projector which has this feature on the market). by doing this, you can use two USB thumb drives at the same time
  • 🌷 Multimedia home theater Mini projector - QKK Full HD projector also has HDMI, AV, VGA, SD Card port, which allows you to use it with laptop, PCs, TV box, Fire TV stick, Chromebook, tablets, blue-ray DVD player, SD card, USB flash drive, media players (music, pictures, video), smartphones ( wireless HDMI dongle not included)
  • 🌷 100% Satisfaction - QKK team offers every customer 100% satisfaction . You can order it without any risks. If you meet any operation difficulties or quality issues, you can contact our professional technical team for help. Please rest assured that we also have 3 year

This is my first projector of any kind. I purchased this on an amazon flash sale and I am so happy I did! It comes with an hdmi cord, a tripod... everything you need to project right out of the box. My children can't get enough of our movie nights! I usually project on a white wall from about 14 feet away and the image is huge... it is also hi-def... the on-board speaker gives out great sound, if that's all you have, but I usually hook it into my surround sound setup for that theater effect. You are able to adjust all the qualities of the picture, brightness, color, tint, sharp, contrast... and the size... I love it! Would purchase this again!

First of all I was looking for a second projector as a back up and I came across this one. So I decided to give it a try. I was surprised to receive it 2 days before it was scheduled to arrive. Being that this projector is very small and compact I was amazed at it's build quality as well as sound and picture quality. I use a sound bar for my audio but by adjusting the settings to your liking you can get some quality sound from such a small projector. I use a 120 inch screen for my projectors and am very pleased with the picture quality. Now for my only negative about this projector...the included tripod. Now I've read reviews on how others had issues with it breaking but that wasn't my issue. Mine was getting it to sit properly. It just seemed to want to lean either to the left or right even after I used the locking switch. Now I use a laptop stand for my projectors so I honestly don't need to use it. If you can overlook the tripod than this projector is an amazing item for you. I look forward to many hours of movies and gaming on this one.

I have not received anything for this review. Set up is easy...total of 90 seconds to do so including HDMI for Roku streaming stick powered by on board USB port. Remote was easy to use and menu function allows logical control of various settings. Sound with stereo surround amazing. No need for sound bar needed as I assumed. Thumbs way up! Picture clear at smaller resolution. Will see how larger screen resolution is now that I've ordered a 100 inch screen. Periphery slightly less in focus but still very acceptable. Stand (included) works fine. Not sure about other reviews that indicate an issue with it. Held unit level and felt substantial. No worries. Tickled with the overall quality, sound, picture, and possibilities for fun movie nights to come. Note, unit does come with lens cap that should be removed before using. Break down took 60 seconds. Doesn't get any easier.

I’ve been wanting to get a projector for some time but was having a hard time deciding on one. I’m glad that I decided on this one. The price point is great. The unit comes with cables, an adjustable stand, and a remote. Setup is easy (once I realized there was a clear cover on the lens!). I hooked it up to my phone and was able to view live sporting events that I was watching on my phone. After the game was over I hooked it up to a DVD player and my kids watched frozen and were able to operate the machine, and they went crazy when we aimed it at the ceiling while laying on the floor watching.

Excellent projector, even in mid daylight the quality is crisp. You don't even need a screen to project on. In the picture, you'll see that I've projected onto the ceiling. I can lay in my bed and watch all and any kind of media I want. Awesome!

As I guy who takes reviewing seriously, I am not one to write a review within a few days of buying something. I have had had this unit for a few weeks now and tried it in a variety of situations. So, the short version of my review is that I am very impressed with the quality and the price for home use. The company is very kind and honest in pointing out this under $100 unit is not designed for PowerPoint presentations, projecting spreadsheets, etc. It is optimized for entertainment. For example, there are settings to compensate for “noisy” video, things such as highly compressed downloaded or streamed videos. There are degrees of sharpening, useful when watching VHS tapes or digital copies made from tape. There are sound options (most effective with plugged-in speakers) to give a more theater-like experience or for video games. There is a simple and effective mechanical keystone correction. I have had projectors on and off for ten years. My first was a surplus Panasonic commercial model bought from a school where I taught after they switched over to LED units. The super bright imaged spoiled me. At $150+ for a new bulb, it was not something I planned to keep using. Later, I got some early LED units that were never bright enough to be satisfying to watch. One was just aware that too much detail was lost in the dark places. This is the first affordable unit to finally, FINALLY deliver a bright enough image for my needs. Keep in mind that I am not projecting on the side of a house or one of those inflatable out door screens. I am projecting an image the size of a kitchen table on a wall in my 1890- era house and it looks fine. I have used camera cards, USB sticks, HDMI input and even a small USB powered hard drive with no problem. There is also an option for mini AV inputs for things such as portable DVD players and older camcorders. Cables are included. Also RGB input for older PCs. With a cheap adapter, you can plug in some Kindle Fires and other tablets as well. It also works well with “TV Boxes.” The menus are easy to navigate and if you READ THE MANUAL you will find a wealth of tweaks to make the image look great. There is also a very nice tripod which looks identical to a brand name photo-type that sells for about $25 by itself! The remote is one of those robust AAA models, not the thin little button cell one found on most low priced units. This is a first-class outfit for the price. Will projectors get better, higher-res and brighter? Sure. But for the money this is our “movie night” projector and does a darn good job.

after purchasing this projector, my movie viewing has been taken to the next level. Obviously, if you are going to spend 8 or 9 hundred dollars, then you will get a better image. but for the price i paid for this, I couldnt ask for a better, brighter, or more clear picture. I love the tripod mount, which is how i was using it (high mobility) for a while, but have since mounted it on my ceiling and could not be happier. the sound was easily wired to my stereo, and the picture was wired to my XBOX ONE via HDMI. I am so happy with this purchase.

I havent watched a movie yet and I'll update with more but I did test it out and compare it to my old projector from the discovery store. This projector is superior to that one in every way the picture is way better and bigger the sound is good it could use some added bass but I could hear it 2 rooms away.the fan is very quiet and although it is dimmed significantly you can clearly see what's going on on the screen with the light on. The tripod is nice for free and sturdy enough if you aren't wobbling the table it's on. I think i need a screen to do the pictures justice. But it seems like it'll be a great backyard movie projector and I'll update once I try it for that. Update: I finally got it outside memorial day weekend and it works great I got a pvc screen with a black back and took pictures from almost dark to full dark it was a full moon too. The fourth one is just to show how good it looked at dark with even a dimly lit movie.

Simple to use, fast and easy set up. Had a fairly unobvious problem getting sound to work. Sent customer service an email on a Friday night, got a complete and correct response that solved my problem in 30 minutes. Audio is a little weak. I ran a cable into an ipod speaker dock and it was pretty good. Ran two super heroes movies for my kids on a light grey wall, approximately 8 feet high, 14 feet wide. Just tons of fun and a total treat for the kids. Afterwards I ran some live concert videos that were tremendous fun for me. I know a lot of people go nuts for expensive home theaters. I'm on the frugal side and won't ever invest in that kind of tech. For less than $70 this is was awesome. Definitely recommend it.