• 12 preset stitch patterns simplify the learning curve for beginners, allowing them to complete more complex projects
  • Choose between 2 speeds (high or low) and hand switch or foot pedal i suitable for sewing beginner and complex projects.
  • with a built-in needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width, free arm, and on-board accessory storage
  • perfect for craftspeople,small projects or DIY enthusiasts using at home.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty. It is necessary to read the instructions before use sewing machine.

I like this machine! It is easy to use and very functional. Save me a lot of time with my broken clothes.

Excellent machine! I'm am brand new to sewing and had no problem using this machine. It is very easy to use and seems like a good quality and sturdy. It is very easy to navigate. I watched a couple of basic tutorial videos on how to use a sewing machine. It's worth every penny and has already paid for itself with everything I have been able to make. I'm having so much fun with it and I'm very glad I chose this model. I believe it will meet my needs for years to come.

Amazing amount of features, 12 different sewing stitches. Sturdy. Love it.

Beautiful and easy use. At first I don’t know how to use a sewing machine. But after I received it. It’s very easy to learn. Now my favorite dress will back to life.

I bought this little sewing machine for my wife and she said this was a great gift for her. The initial set up needs a little patient, and the video on the product page helps a lot. After everything is set up, it works very smoothly and you can choose different styles of stitches. It worths every buck for the price.

This is a great mini starter sewing machine!! I’ve never used a sewing machine this one was straight forward easy to use. I was able to make outdoor cushions !!

My wife told me that her mom had an old fashioned manual sewing machine when she was young, and she always wanted one for herself, but not that bulky and heavy. I found this one on Amazon, and I immediately know she will like it. The sewing machine came in with the threads already set in place. It works just like the manual sewing machine, but with so many more advanced features for easier and convenient operation. It also has a fun and compact design. After watching the instruction video and manual a couple of times, my wife felt very confident and started using it. The 12 preset stitch patterns, built-in carry handle, 2 speeds on/off switches, hand dial or foot pedal to start, cable or battery power supply options, the built-in accessory drawer, sleeve sewing, forward and reverse sewing, adjustable stitch length and width, needle threader, tension adjuster... This mini sewing machine is loaded with tons of amazing functions. There are also a few extra features that we did not even realize until she used it. The work space light bulb right next to the needles, the built-in scissors and measuring tape all gave us a nice surprise! By now, she has completed a few alteration projects. She is very happy! Money well spent!

Express delivery is very fast, the product is particularly good, so the novice is very easy to get started, I made 7 pillows myself, I feel very good, I recommend it to my friends, I really like this mini sewing machine.

This is really nicely made! The size the perfect- has everything that I would expect from a sewing machine. I will buy abother for my sister’s birthday~

I've haven't used one in years. This one was set up right ot the box. Cute and easy to use for my home decor projects.