• 7.2 Ch x 145W per channel (6ohms, 1kHz, 1ch THD 0.9%)
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based surround sound
  • 4K HDR/Dolby Vision compatibility with HDCP 2.2 support
  • HDMI 4-in/1-out with Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC)
  • Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream from other Bluetooth devices
  • Advanced Auto Calibration technology (Adv. DCAC)
  • S-FORCE PRO front surround sound
  • In the box: Receiver unit, Remote control, Size AAA Batteries for Remote control, FM wire antenna (aerial), Start-up guide, Operating Instructions

Great connectivity. Powerful audio. 7.1 setup was a breeze with the microphone. Gone or the days when I had to balance the speakers individually with a sound pressure lever meter. the 4K pass through is ideal. I was frustrated that the receiver kept shutting down every time I used my 4K DVD player. It was getting overloaded for some reason even with moderate volume. After many frustrating days, I discovered that my right front speaker connection had become loose and that caused the calibration to go out of balance for that channel. Keep that in mind if this happens to you. The only issue I have is that the receiver does not accept banana plug speaker connections. Other than that this is a gem.

Was holding off upgrading our older 5.1 receiver for a long time since it worked fine. But finally gave in and purchased this one and holy crap it syncs perfectly with the TV/hdmi/ARK which makes everything seemless and works wonderfully. I originally had all the inputs going into the TV and just the sound going to the receiver but switched all the inputs going into the receiver and just a single video cable going from the ARK-out of the receiver to the TV and is a perfect set up and everything works great! You can press the display button on the remote control and it pops up on screen exactly which speakers are in use and the audio format and quality which is great to be able to see. And you can easily adjust any of the speaker levels with the amp button right on the display. Love it! Edit: fixed some grammar, Siri sillyness

I have Sony STR DG820 receiver which is still going Strong after ten years of installation but it has become somewhat outdated. I upgraded to the STR DH790 for ARC and 4k Pass through features. It has so far performed flawlessly. Setup was a breeze and auto calibration system even pin pointed one the speakers that had loose connections during initial setup. ARC feature is cool and well appreciated. There's two downsides if you can call it that viz: 1. Banana plugs only available for L & R front speakers while the rest have pin connectors. Full Banana plug bindings posts would have been better. 2. The remote is not only cheesy but skimpy in function. The first time I have purchased a Sony receiver with a non universal remote. You can't even change the TV channel with it and my tv is Sony. Go figure. I guess it's a way to keep costs down. Despite this minor sacrifices this receiver deserves five stars for value. It has everything I need and non that I don't. Did I mention that it has minimalist design?

I bought this to replace my old Pioneer who I have been loyal to for many years. After only a year and a half, that amp failed (relay that switches on the final amps). So after reading up on the latest and greatest I picked this one. Set up was super easy! If you are running an HDMI output this one is great! Set up 5.1.2. (ATMOS speakers) since my living room is odd shaped and too small for a 7.1. Fired up Pacific Rim and wow! Perfect sound! the ATMOS speakers I bought sit on top of my tower speakers and broadcast the sound perfectly! The remote is clearly marked, easy to read and as simple as you can realistically get. I recommend this product!

Love Sony receiver. Works great. Shipping delivered to my door. One huge complaint. I ordered 12 gauge speaker wire to attach my five speakers and bi-amp - no subwoofer. Sony receiver only had two speaker inputs using plug ins. The remaining five speaker inputs were clips which were not large enough to accommodate 12 gauge speaker wire. So I wasted my 12 gauge speaker wire after I had laboriously cut 7 each 7 foot sections before I realized they were took large for clips. Amazon should warn customers of this fact. My only disappointment and it’s amazons fault not Sony receiver.

I had issues with the receiver. I hooked everything as the directions said. It seemed to work fine but I had no on screen menu? After trying every options that I could think of with no luck, I emailed Sony and TV manufacture for help. None came after several days. I then contacted Amazon Support and they were extremely helpful. They got Sony Tier One Support on the line. After awhile the Tech had given up and wanted me to disconnect the unit and send it in for service. I was not convinced that anything was broken. After a couple of transfers I got with Michelle, the next higher tier of support. Between myself and her we determined the problem and all is GREAT. This is why I have purchased Sony for the last 40 years. I love the unit and if you have issues do not stop at tier one.

update . after blaming the receiver i happy to say i was wrong . i did everything for the receiver did a firmware update and got nothing . decided that it couldn't be the receiver . went digging through the tv settings. (lg C series) it was the tvs fault . everything is working great Atmos sounds great . Update :I can't hdr pass through to work. So this is my first reciever things in needed 4k and hdr pass through. I needed atmos. Alot of people are mad at only 4 hdmi inputs. Not an issue for me. I have a Xbox one. So that's my blue ray player and I have a smart TV so I didnt need a the network connectivity. This thing is connected currently as a 5.2 I haven't gotten my atmos speakers yet Ill update when that happens. But it sounds great calibration Was simple. I would recommended this receiver because it has everything u need and nothing u don't. Atleats in my case.

Everything works without hassle (HDMI CEC works fine for me referencing another review). 5.1.2, 145w, Atmos/DTSX, is more than enough speaker for any indoor home application. Skip the $1200 denon ffs

Update 3/18/2019: I (somewhat) figured it out. I swapped out the HDMI cable connecting the Roku Ultra to the receiver, and set the "night mode" setting in Roku to False. Then all of a sudden the receiver is getting DD+ signal from Roku! I'm so happy. This receiver is perfectly adequate for my usage now. Update: I looked deep into the manual and DD+ is in fact listed as a supported format. However, it also has a footnote: "Audio signals are output in another format if the playback device does not correspond to the actual format. For details, refer to the operating instructions of the playback device." At the same time, my Roku Ultra (2018) is not compatible with this receiver. Supposedly, Roku Ultra only does DD+. But the signal is recognized as "PCM + Surround" by this DH790. Rather than "Dolby Surround", which is displayed when I connect my Samsung bluray player to it. There's definitely something going when it comes to DD+. Whether it's SONY or Roku's problem I'm not entirely sure. ----- Original, less informed review below ---------------------- This receiver is a great bang for the money. However, it does not support Dolby Digital Plus / DD+! This is odd because its previous version, 770, does support DD+. This is important because Netflix and all newer Roku devices (not Roku TVs) encode audio in DD+. Your media player may support re-encoding it to plain DD, but Roku won't. So if you are watching Netflix with Roku with this receiver, you'll have to settle for multi channel PCM, which is still better than stereo (2.0) but not really a real surround effect. If you are using a Roku TV (TVs with Roku built in), it'll depend on your TV. Fortunately my TCL Roku TV supports DD+ to DD transcoding.

I have had a Sony 6.1 Receiver for years and loved it. but I recently bought a new TV that was not compatible, and purchased this one for the compatibility using the HDMI for all of the components. Takes a while to setup, but once you do the sound and picture quality through the HDMI is amazing. It is 4K and UHD compatible. just make sure you get some decent HDMI Cables. I found out the hard way that the older HDMI cable will not work and you will lose a lot of features and Compatibility if you use anything less than HDMI 2.0. I bought the Twisted Veins HDMI and they work real well and give me all of the features I was looking for in the receiver.