• WATER FLOW CONTROL. An Adjustable Knob to control the water flow rate, so you can get just the amount of water pressure you want. Maximum flow rate: 400GPH
  • STRONG POWER and HIGH LIFT. Max Lift Height: 6.9ft. 25W high efficiency motor for energy saving. Lift height is a max height the water goes up, after connecting the water pipe to the nozzle (Make sure the joint sealed securely and tightly)
  • ULTRA QUIET DESIGN with 2 NOZZLES (0.51in and 0.62in). High quality motor provides a quiet environment for you. Threaded fittings make it more stable. The impeller shaft is stainless steel for long life span and corrosion resistance
  • SUCTION CUP and 5.9Ft POWER CORD. Long enough cord for easy installation. 4 strong suction cups at the bottom of the pump help keep it in place, so you can stick it on the right side of the aquarium, either vertically or horizontally
  • WIDE APPLICATION. Circulate and aerate the water, making it more attractive to your fish or turtles. This submersible pump is perfect for aquarium, fountains, spout and hydroponic systems, etc. Backed by 12-month warranty and professional after-sale service within 24hrs

we replaced the OEM pump for our birdbath fountain. This one works 10x better than the OEM version.

Great pump for the price ,does what the listing describes.

Pump is use in a three tier water feature. At the upper tier, water is forced through a pile of stones. The only sound heard is the water trickling down to the lowest tier. Pump has the lift and pressure to do he job noiselessly.

Great little pump for the money, I use them with 3’ fountains that I sell. No complaints,just ordered 30 more.

I was able to adjust the flow to the exact GPH that I needed. Its a quality product.

Works well in my large koi pond waterfall. The attachments only go to a half inch. So won't work if you have a 3/4 inch or larger hose.

Super happy with this pump so far. Works amazing with the Python water changer system. Knocked out a 50% change in my 75 gallon in about 15 minutes. I'm super happy with this thing so far.

I am amazed at this little pump. Been out of reefkeeping for several years and recently decided to come back to set up a fresh water tank. Didn't want to spend money like I used to with reefkeeping , so I decided to get no name brand return pump. So far, it has exceeded my expectations. Not only it is quiet but also very powerful. Have it for only couple of weeks so let's see what the long term is.

Works great. I’ve purchased pumps from Lowe’s for more money and less GPH that die after a year so I look forward to see how long this one lasts. Pretty color too! I’m using it for a waterfall fountain that has about 8 gallons of water in it, this was a great size pump for it, flows very nicely and is keeping the water clean. I had a smaller one that didn’t flow as nice and after a few days the algae took over, so I constantly had to clean it. If this one does the same I will update the review, but so far, so good! Comes with an 18 month warranty also!!