• Comprehensive & Durable: The size of car breakdown assistance kit is 11 "x 3.2" x 10.8, about 3.9 pounds, it is compact and lightweight. All accessories are high quality to ensure that you can fill the breakdown situations. Own this kit, own all you need!
  • Safety First:This ideal accessory for every driver on the road, stash this kit in your vehicle and be ready for most unexpected auto emergencies, Protect your journey safely.
  • Portable & Compact: The car safety kit has everything you need to stay safe and legal when driving. It comes in a tidy storage bag for keeping neatly in the car and also can put extra emergency tools. How convenient the tool kit is!
  • Unique Gift Set: Compared with other brand emergency bag, our triangle bag shape is original and save more space. In addition, it can provide a first aid and offer more safety to drivers and vehicles, so it's a perfect gift for your family and friends.
  • Emergency Bag Includes: Warning triangle, hi-visibility vest, jump starters, towing ropes, safety hammer, flashing light, gloves, tire pressure gauge, raincoat, screwdriver, first aid kit (with emergency blanket, whistle, tweezers, scissors, medical tape etc )

At the price it was purchased at, I have to be honest and say I did not have any high expectations of quality or whatever. We just had an earthquake so I just kind of was like "Yeah! That looks like something I should have in my car for safety!" and bought one for my sweetheart as well. SO IMPRESSED!! Seriously, the whole kit was put together proper. A tow cable. A window breaker/seatbelt cutter, are you kidding me!? Well worth my money. I think it would be cool if they had a slightly bigger sized bag and added two flares and/or a few glow sticks?

This is a fantastic little kit packed with so many thoughtful must haves. I gave it to someone as a gift and they had to use items in it right away. It was money well spent.

Normally idc about reviews but this is something everyone should have in their car just in case. As a person whose car sometimes breaks down this kit has almost everything you need in case of emergency. It came with a small reflection triangle, zip ties, a yellow security vest, a thick tow rope, decent jumper cables, Flashlight with no batteries, good gloves with grip, pvc tape, plastic very thin raincoat, safety hammer and seatbelt cover, tire pressure gauge and screwdriver and a first aid kit ( cotton swabs, Thin fire blanket, safety pins, multi function blade, plastic whistle, small scissors, plastic tweezers, ) I would add other things like bandaids, gauze and survival knife in this though that’s the only complaint I have about it. It’s a good start to build your emergency kit if you go on long trips or your car gets stuck somewhere. It’s helped me out a few times and it’s good to keep in your car it’s a life saver.

I've always had one in my car and used it dozens of times, my husband kept taking mine and using or letting other use my jumper cables so i gifted him his own for his birthday so i could keep mine where it belongs! haha

Brought this as a gift for our son in-law. He was very pleased. There is a lot of useful items in a nice condensed zipper bag. This was just what he wanted for his car.

I was surprised by how much comes in this kit for how compact it is! Comes with everything in the picture. Flashlight is a good quality too. You definitely get what you pay for and this is a good thing to keep in the car for emergencies and even just jump starting a battery. Recommend.

I guess this is a good product. I bought for my and my daughters. Perfect for women, who knows nothing about cars.

Perfect gift. Has everything you may need in an emergency. Great carry case...compact.

I got it for my gf and she was so happy. It’s got everything she’ll ever need in an emergency. Everything is decent quality for the price. It just has so much stuff in it.

My sons friends are all starting to drive so this is what I am buying them for Christmas. Comes with everything you need in a great carrying case. Doesn't take up too much space