• CONTROL CENTER: It has perfect audio outputs, plus a separate subwoofer output, volume, treble and bass shock, which can be accessed in the side panel button control center. It is made durable marine grade construction and waterproof
  • 200 WATT POWER: The Pyle 2-channel subwoofer amplifier features 200 watt RMS at 4 ohm impedance and frequency range between 10-40kHz for unrivaled sound superiority with marine grade waterproof rating of IP-41, class D circuit and RCA audio connector
  • ADJUSTABLE EQUALIZER: The bass signal output can operate independently and the bass amplitude range is fine-tuning. The subwoofer output is controlled separately. May appropriate to adjust the style effect according to your needs for sound effect
  • USB/SD CARD READER: Allows you to play MP3 audio files from a USB flash drive or memory card. The USB and SD memory card reader are both located on the rear of the amplifier. Connect and stream your favorite audio files from your external devices
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: Equipped w/ built-in Bluetooth 2.1 that ranges up to 50+ feet and has thermal power protection circuitry and variety spring loaded speaker terminal. Also, installed w/ HD sound and LED indicator that your stereo is working

I have an older model stereo in my boat. I needed an upgrade. This made it sound better and I really love the bluetooth feature. It made everything so much easier

I got this as a power supply for a 16-foot outboard and I did not expect as much as I got. It is a game changer for boat use, for those willing to invest in good waterproof speakers. Also, remember to keep your phone in a zip lock plastic bag! But after testing on some pretty decent speakers, I've decided to also use this amp for picnics. I have an emergency jump starter/power pack for my car, and it does a good job of providing hours of lower voltage power to the amp. I like the fact that you can also install a jump drive or sd card, and the fact that the outlets have a water seal to protect when not in use.

I would give this 4.5 stars if I could, because the USB charging seems to be a bit lacking and you cannot play music from a phone through the USB port (but there are RCAs in the back and the bluetooth works perfectly), but overall everything works as advertised and as it should. Powered the speakers perfectly and gave out good enough sound that no-one would ever guess it was a bluetooth amp that cost less than $100.

Over the past several months, I've become a huge fan of Pyle products. Like the other products that I've acquired, I am very pleased with this amp. We hooked it up to some speakers that came with our JVC stereo, and it worked perfectly. Unless you have a very complicated system that you're connecting to the amp, setup is a breeze. After connecting the speaker wires to the amp (which took a while because of the wires that we have and has nothing to do with the amp itself), connecting a device took no time. You can connect to the amp via several methods, and that is a major plus for me. We normally use the amp with an Echo, which we connect via Bluetooth, and it works flawlessly. It seems to be well built, sturdy and has a decent weight. The amp is fairly small, and can be mounted virtually anywhere, or simply sat on top of any place of your choosing. It is mostly black with black dials, the "Pyle" logo in blue, numbers and lines around the three dials (volume, treble and bass) and in other places are white, and there are a few more small words/sentences on it in white. There are USB and SD slots on the front of the amp, above the LCD screen. It isn't an eyesore, and can sit in any room without being noticed or taking away from the decor. It blends very well with my living room and doesn't look out of place. The LCD screen isn't excessively bright. It is bright enough to clearly see what is on the screen, but not excessively bright to the point of being distracting at night or in the dark. The sound is awesome. While I'm not extremely well versed in this kind of technology, I have enough knowledge to say that this is a very decent 2-channel amp. Our speakers aren't "top of the line," so alone, they don't put out the best sound in the world; but with the amp, though, one would never be able to tell that the speakers are on the fairly low-end of the price and quality spectrum. Are the speakers awful on their own? Absolutely not, but this amp does a lot for them. The sound is crisp, clear and loud. The amp comes with a remote, which you can use to power the amp on/off, change the mode (input), decrease/increase/mute volume, pause, fast/skip forward, rewind/skip backwards, pause/play, scan (there are other things included on this button), randomize/repeat songs/tracks (at least I think that button does one of these things), access the equalizer and enter numbers. I honestly use the remote to control the amp a lot more than I use the controls on the amp itself. As I use the amp with more devices/speakers, I will update my review as/if necessary. Just a note: It doesn't come with cables, so you'll need your own or purchase them separately.

Great product that comes in a convenient size with great features. I'll most likely use it to provide music for our pool parties this summer. Can't wait!! :)

Hooked up to my daughter's guitar. Sounds much better.

This unit works great in my shop for bluetooth to my phone. I have issues with humidity and electronics there and have had no problems and don't expect any. Also thinking about getting a second one for my boat. Be sure and pair with a correctly spec'd set of speakers. Durable build and thought-out mounting features. The included remote leaves some to be desired but it's a non-issue since i can control with my phone.

This amp is super convenient...the bluetooth works fantastically, and you can use this in your house, boat, or anywhere outside as it's waterproof. We're using it for our TV speakers and sounds great. Recommend this to anyone looking to improve their sound quality.

With a beefy 200 watts, coupled with my beefy SONY speakers, this unit sounds great. Played flawlessly from the USB port, & made an easy bluetooth connection to my cell phone to play all my tunes off Google Play. Bluetooth range is fairly limited, about 50 feet, which is adequate. Dials, buttons & connectors are all robust. Volume range is great & the treble / bass controls are nicely responsive. The unit is compact, making it easy to deploy in RV's, boats - any small space. The unit has a mounting bracket built-in so it is ready to mount anywhere. Really like the cute little remote control unit that does everything wanted & needed. Only feature that I would add is a headphone jack. The unit is nicely finished & the weatherproof rugged design should mean it will last a long time.

The amp comes packed very well and included a remote and the power brick. I needed this to replace a standard stereo amplifier I was using in my garage, which couldn't take the high humidity. Since this is made for marine use, it should be fine in my garage. Setup took only a couple of minutes and connecting to my phone using BlueTooth was effortless. The amplifier has enough power to drive my patio speakers. Having separate controls for bass and treble is very nice. I used the include power brick, but if you need it on a boat, you can hardwire it directly to 12volt. Sounds great and I haven't had any problems since I installed it.