• PACKAGING INCLUDING- This product comes with 2 pieces selfie ring lights.
  • RECHARGEABLE- This kind of ring light includes a built-in rechargeable battery so you can charge them just with USB cords. It is more safe and economical for use.
  • BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTABLE- Three-level light settings for various uses -- make-up, selfie photos, videos and live streaming etc. It can offers you desired brightness, enables to serve you various needs wherever indoor or outdoor, night or day.
  • WORK TIME- Charge 2 hours for full power and work time lasts over 2 to 5 hours.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT AND PORTABLE- Pocket sized and extremely compact, it is easy to take and save space.

Awesome 2 pk of selfie ring lights. I was surprised over how fantastic they actually are. Great for Like app, Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook videos! Well worth ordering. Keep one amd give one away in a giveaway! I'm very happy

Wow. This product is great. The light has three settings in brightness and comes with a cable for you to be able to charge the ring light. Holds very steadily on the phone . Great buy and amazing price for TWO.

This selfie light is great. My selfies came out brighter and vibrant. I'm glad I brought this one because I was able to give one of the lights to my friend. I haven’t used it enough to get an idea of how long it lasts before recharging. It’s compact enough to carry with you and not take up much space. I’m thinking of buying these for the selfie takers in my family for Christmas.

I absolutely loved it! I’ve previously bought one from different seller and it was battery operated but not this and the lights setting are bright

These little lights work great! Easy to just clip on my phone and has 3 different brightness settings depending on what you need. I use it for selfies and also for just regular pictures in low light. Makes a bug difference in picture quality.

I bought this because I have an online business and need to be able to take pictures of the product when I am on the go. This clips on both my laptop and my phone and makes a huge difference as far as being able to really see the details of the glitter or designs. I appreciate the multiple settings. You can clearly see the difference between the first pic with natural light versus the 2nd and 3rd pics using the ring light.

Got this so that i can start using it for my business. Not so much for selfies but for pictures in general. Lights worked great. There are three light settings that you can adjust the rings are not too small nor too big so it worked out great. Also because i can clip it on my phone, i could clip it anywere i wanted if i need to change the direction of the lighting as well. And this is a two pack so you can leave one wherever you need it or use both at the same time. Or even gift one to someone else. It came with a charging USB cables as well so you dont have to run around and look for one that fits. Love it!

Love these little lights! I was surprised at how bright they can get. The price is right too, as the two of these together are the same cost as what other sellers are selling one light for. These really improve my pictures, used either on the front or rear cameras on my phone. I bought them to use as a quick video light on my Canon 80D, and they work great for that too!

While some people may take selfies with this selfie light, I take “nailfies”. LOL! I started doing my own nails about a year ago and have become obsessed. Got this light to better capture the colors of my manicures and it’s been amazing so far. Don’t have good lighting? Bust out this compact but powerful little light!

Holy crap! This thing is so much better than I expected for the price point. I have used it a lot and my selfie game has never been better. Definitely recommend and will buy again.