• It connects your media devices, allowing you to deliver brilliant, multi-room HD without the cable clutter,and transmission distance up to 300 feet away, even working through walls and floors.(Recommend for TV display under 40" , using RCA connections)
  • Support 8 Channel with 5.8GHz: Effectively avoid wireless signal interference from router and other wireless device
  • Support PAL/NTSC Protocol: Make your vedio/audio transmission more stable, offer you perfect vivid images and clear voice without any noise
  • Incredibly Easy to Use, This is not a complex weekend wiring project. The hardware mode can plug and play, connect to the computer directly to avoid drive installation.
  • The transmitter and the receiver should be set in the same channel in a pair and can be used in the modes of point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-multipoint.

Excellent picture. The sound was slightly out of sync but I fixed that by putting both on channel two. Now video and audio are both excellent.

Works great with know problems to install plug and play.

My parents got a new router and ever since the signal was like listening to a helicopter. It was never great to begin with but only got worse. So we replaced it with this unit and it is silent. A perfect picture with no static flicker. Great product.

This unit works exactly as advertised and with no installation issues. The package looks high quality and the product seems sturdy enough. We have the transmitter upstairs in one corner of the house, and the receiver is in the basement at the other end of the house. So, it is transmitting through one floor, and two walls (one being the old exterior block - 12" think). Works like a charm!

Works great to link two TVs to a single satellite box.

The product works like it should; great sound, decent picture. Both units are marked "AV Sender" and thus, you might pick up the wrong unit thinking you've got the transmitter when in fact it could easily be confused with either. Check the designation on the rear before installing