• Perfectly Cured in The Mountains of North Carolina
  • Delicious Country Ham
  • Great For Camping, Outdoor Adventure or Good Ole Biscuit
  • Conveniently Packed For Breakfast Sized Portioned 3oz Packs
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Very good. Just like home. I would definitely buy this again. One recommendation to the seller though. For dummies like me, please put somewhere that the product is raw and must be cooked before eating. I am from the mountains of Virginia where I grew up eating Smithfield country ham, and I would swear that stuff didn’t have to be cooked - only heated if you wanted it hot. So, I took it right out of the little pouch, threw it on a hot biscuit, and chowed down. I thought, “OMG! This is the chewiest ham I’ve ever had. It kinda even tastes raw.”👀 Raw??!! I grabbed the package. “Tell me it’s not raw. Please tell me it’s not raw.” I could barely read the package through the worms crawling over my eyeballs. “Cook thoroughly”, it said in small print on the back. I looked at the biscuit in my hand, now 3/4 eaten. “Really”? This is how it’s all going to end? “Yeah, Paw. We found ‘er up yonder in her rocker. Judgin’ from that raw ham biscuit she was ‘a clutchin’ in ‘er hand, I reckon the trichinosis must a come an’ got her. Poor Aunt Edna. You’d a thought she’d a’ know’d better at her age”. I’m just sayin’, I know the package says to cook it, but if there’d been a note somewhere on the product page, maybe I’d still be alive.

My mother grew up in east Tennessee and West Virginia I remember many breakfasts with piles of country ham biscuits and gravy. This ham takes me back. The flavor is great Not to salty but salty enough The texture of the meat is perfect and there is no bone meal whatsoever. I will buy again.

Said she couldn't find country ham out west. These are perfect portion for breakfast or cooking.

Excellent quality, nice sized packages

I’ve ordered this product 3 times. I use it to season my greens, beans, and cabbage.

Excellent flavor. Great value. Arrived quickly and disappeared quickly as well :) yummy