• Save Life: The two pair of whistles for car include 2 ultrasonic whistle and 2 wind whistle. A pair of whistles emit wind and ultrasonic signals in a collaborative environment over 35 mph speed, which will effectively steer away them, prevent any further damage to your car lost. These will work above 35 mph.
  • Easy to Install & Removable: The bottom of the whistle is the strong adhesive strips , allow to mount on the front bumper or roof of a vehicle which with good airflow. It would not fall off even driving when raining or snowing. You can also screw the bases down with two small screws. they can be removed from their base for cleaning or going through car washes.
  • Safe Alert for Driver: That is a defensive car accessories for driver who live in a wild area. The whistle produce ultrasonic frequencies and wind sound warn, thereby reducing -vehicle collisions. Buy this warning device for your loved ones - anyone who could encounter a or a few.
  • Instructions: Please check and clean air-activated whistles periodically to ensure that the holes do not become blocked/clogged by debris. You should examine the whistle occasionally to be sure it is still mounted to the vehicle and does not have any blockage in the holes.
  • What You Get: 4 Pcs Deer Whistles For Car. The ultrasonic of the deer whistles are only audible to wildlife at high speed. The sound don't affect humans or pets inside your car, as it is way out the normal hearing range of people. Every vehicle need one pair of deer whistles.

In Oklahoma, we have lots of deer, so a deer whistle is a common appendage to our vehicles. I snapped up this 4-pack straightaway because my husband own 4 vehicles. They all have deer whistles now! When a car is driving along the highway at 50+ mph, the deer whistles emit a high-pitched sound that deer can hear but humans can’t. When the deer hear it, they run in the opposite direction and don’t venture out into the road. And it prevents terrible collisions that kill deer and people. I feel safer having them on our vehicles.

They were well packaged, came with clear instructions, and were easy to install. I drove by an area with lots of deer and they went running right away, so I am assuming it is thanks to the whistles.

Living out in the country where deer are all over the place, these whistles are a necessity. I truly believe it keeps the deer from running out in front of your car.

The seller performed as promised in product and delivery. Deer whistles are effective in deterring deer from running in front of your car. They hear the very high-frequency sound and turn aside.

The deer hear this whistle and move away.

Items arrived in good condition and the included instructions were easy to understand. This was a 4-pack, so if I lose one off the vehicle I have a spare to replace it,

good seller, works great

Easy to install and hopefully works to avoid highway accidents

I’ve purchased deer whistles for years. I know they work cuz when I drive near a deer, look up and looked at my vehicle. I even had a deer wanting to run in front of my vehicle as I was driving 55 mph on a small highway and ended up turning its running direction to run parallel and then turned again away from my vehicle. Yes, I was watching that deer as to any sudden movements it was to make. Im 99% sure those whistles were working. I had other instances I could share but those two events were the most recent. Also, the product looks good on my truck. It was easy to apply. Still holding after several weeks of use.

So I totaled my 2009 Corolla about a month ago from a deer strike. They stand by the side of the road just waiting for me it seems. I put two of these (the ultrasonic and the high-range) on my new car and until this morning didn't know if they were working. I passed a small herd in the dark. They were near the road and all were looking up and towards my car as I approached with a "huh, what" look vs. the normal mesmerized "the light" zombie stare. It's only one instance but I'm thinking these work better than those smaller ones I had on my old car when that deer leapt in front of it.