• SAVING LIVES & PROPERTY: Air moving through the device produces sound/ultrasound wave, gives deer advance warning, they may freeze on the roadside, rather than running across the road into the path of the vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: For better effect, an ultrasonic whistle needs match a sound whistle per vehicle, therefore we packaged 2 whistles in 1 pack, there are 4 packs with a total of 8 whistles and the retail box says 4 Pack.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY & GREATER STABILITY: The set is made of quality molded ABS plastic with matte surface that endures extreme outdoor temperature. It’s an upgraded version with lengthened base and 3M tape (1.97"x0.83") for greater stability, and 8 extra bases with tape included for future replacement. The self-adhesive tape will not damage your car paint and can be removed completely with alcohol or citrus-based gum remover etc. Each measures: 2.36" in length, 1.38" in height, 1" in width.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & 4 EXTRA TAPES: Just remove the adhesive backing and stick the whistles to the grill, front bumper, rear view mirror, or any flat place of your vehicle. Make sure the bigger ends faces the front, and the deer whistle is level with the horizon. The ideal place is where the most air flow occurs, followed by grill, front bumper. Each order comes with 8 warning device sets and 4 extra tapes. Please note: Two deer warning whistles are recommended per vehicle.
  • REMOVABLE & UNIVERSAL: These whistles can be removed from the base easily by pressing down the block button for car wash, and then installed back to the base by sliding in afterwards. Applicable for all cars, SUV's, trucks, motorcycles, ATV's and more. The range for the deer whistles is one-quarter mile and only works if the vehicle is traveling at least 35 miles per hour.
  • HASSLE-FREE PURCHASE: We perform piece-by-piece QC inspections and pack each item we sell carefully with enough bubble warp to avoid shipping damage, and offer 30 days no question asked refund warranty. Feel free to contact us if you encounter any issue, our professional customer service is standing by and committed to serve you to your satisfaction.

These alert whistles seem to work very well. They seem to get the attention of animals BEFORE I get very close to them, as I'm driving. I try to look closely, and see how they react. I travel a lot of country roads. Birds, dogs, cows, Armadillos and Skunks are all over the place. I see them off in the distance. But, they're always well off the road, long before I get near them. One whistle has a note you can hear. The other is too high pitched for the human ear. I think that it's the combination of the two that is so effective. The chrome plating looks good. The double stick 3M foam tape will NOT accidently come unstuck. IMPORTANT - ALWAYS slip the whistle out of the mount, before going through a car wash, if you want to keep them.

We live in the country where there are many deer crossing the roads. We purchased the deer whistles to give the deer a fighting chance. The whistles arrived on time, were easy to install, look great on the car; and so far, we’ve escaped collisions with the beautiful deer.

Tonight I narrowly missed a collision with a young buck at about 65 mph. He became aware of me before I of him. He stopped running before I hit my breaks & stopped just short of the center line. I swerved to the right & missed him. I think these whistles work. They've only been on a little over a week & I haven't washed my car with them on yet, so too early to tell there. It took a little creativity to find a suitable place to mount them on my car. I put them on the underside of the front license plate cover.

After hitting a deer with one of my vehicles I bought these whistles. Put them on all my vehicles and hadn't hit another one yet. Even had one deer running straight in front of my truck, turn and run back when he got close. Was it the whistles that made him turn? No way to know for sure but I'm keeping them on there! James

Mounted easy, have not come across any deer yet to know if they really work, but then again, maybe that's why I haven't seen any deer because they do work. I like that they come with a warranty. I like that you get so many in a pack, 8 (4 sets), it's a good value, I can share with my family.

people in Columbus, Ohio did not believe me that these work. Now that my husband has them on his car and we are driving in deer thick areas and see no deer, he now thinks they are wonderful! I hope everyone in Ohio starts to use these. They are very common in Adair County in Missouri.

We went from hitting for deer and one month after applying this to all of our cars we have hit nothing dears actually run the other way we have seen this worth the money

As advertised! We travel long trips in the country and we decided to try these deer whistles and so far they have done fantastic. Not one deer did we see along the road or at close to us. We are very happy with this product.

Bought house in mountains off busy highway. Put them on grill and roof rack of SUV. On the way home a few weeks later saw a doe on side of road up ahead lift and look then run into forest. Was it the whistlers? Never know, but if it was night wouldnt have seen the deer at all til it ran into the road.

My son drives truck OTR with over 1,000,000 miles logged and he swears by these things. They're very inexpensive and I give them out to friends.