• MIXED SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM: This bag of mixed memory foam is moldable, versatile, and comfortable. It’s perfect to enhance the comfort of your living spaces
  • REFILL, RENEW, AND RE-FLUFF YOUR FOAM FURNITURE: Shredded memory foam is perfect for bean bags, pillows, throw pillows, pet beds, stuffed animals, cushions, and a variety of other arts and crafts projects
  • CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE: Linenspa uses only the highest quality memory foam in our mattresses and now you can use the same memory foam for projects in your home. All foam is certified for the highest quality
  • COMPRESSED FOR CONVENIENT SHIPPING: Memory foam is compressed, vacuum-packed, and shipped right to your door for convenience. To avoid a mess, be sure to open in a contained environment like a large garbage bag or box
  • MULTIPLE OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Shredded memory foam is available in a 2.5, 5, or 10-pound bag so you can get the right amount of foam for your specific project

I did my research and read that the foam should expand after being left out for a day or so. WELL IT DID. Every time I went back to my open bag and contemplated putting the foam into my bean bag chair, I figured "Well maybe it'll get bigger, I'll just leave it a little longer, it can't hurt..." welllllllllllllllllll I would recommend putting the whole block of foam into a bigger container after you open it because after slicing open the plastic wrap it came in, like the directions said, it expanded so much that it kept escaping the packaging and jumping ship onto my carpet. Once it fluffed up enough, my roommate had to help me put it into my bean bag chair and it took about 20 minutes to get all the little pieces off my floor, too. Maybe instead of waiting for the foam to expand, it would have been better to transfer it all into my chair while leaving the zipper open for further expansion. That would have been less messy. Anywayyyyy, the foam is super squishy and comfy and I love my product. THANK YOU LINENSPA! :))

I ordered four of the 26“ x 26“ pillowcases, and bought four 5 pound bags of the memory foam. As you can see, after staffing the four pillowcases, I had almost a full bag left over. The foam filled the pillowcases nicely and didn’t make the pillows look lumpy. I got the pillowcases off of Amazon as well. Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XWJBRLV/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awdo_btf_t1_8ZVnFbMF7V8ZF The corduroy pillow cases are so soft and yummy, and the stuffing makes it all the more inviting. The stuffing comes in a white casing as you see in the pictures. You will need to cut the casing with a scissors to get the stuffing out and into the pillowcases. I suggest you crumble and separate the stuffing as you are dragging it into the pillowcases. Not doing this on the first pillowcase cause me to use the entire 5 pound bag for one pillowcase. Doing the crumbling and separating with my fingers on the second pillow case cause me to almost have a fourth of the memory foam left over to stick in another pillowcase. Don’t be afraid of the mess it’ll make, but work in one area so the mess doesn’t get everywhere. It’s fairly easy to clean up afterwards. The zipper for the pillowcases is just like the zippers on the back of women’s dresses and skirts. They’re seemingly delicate looking. That being said, you do not want to force the zipper clothes without manipulating the pillowcase so that it is not straining the zipper. Doing that will simply break the zipper as it would on a dress if you force the zipper. I had no problems with the zipper, but as soon as I met resistance, I would squeeze the pillowcase together to minimize the stress on the zipper junction. One of the images shows how much stuffing I had left over after stuffing four 26” x 26” pillowcases.

For those people who claimed that they bought 10 lbs. of product and got only 2, they had to have selected the 2 lb. product during ordering. This arrived as 10 lbs. at delivery! I followed the instructions and allowed the product to expand. I mainly bought it to breathe life into the pillows that came with my sofa which is about 15 years old. I unzipped the pillows and began stuffing them. My husband is grateful. The pillows contained traditional upholstery batting which had compressed into hard pancakes. Now we have comfortable pillows again! My next project is to make some outdoor pillows from denim pantlegs from my husband's old jeans. I'm guessing there will still be product left for more projects!

Wanted to refill a bean bag chair that had gone flat. I initially ordered the 2.5 lbs and when it arrived the box was so small and light I thought I had received the wrong package, but it really does expand a lot. I put it in a large Target bag (the biggest ones they have for large items) and it filled it all the way up once expanded. I ended up ordering 5 more lbs because 2.5 was not enough to fill my whole bean bag chair. (Big Joe Milano). I emptied all the existing styrofoam from the chair before filling it with the memory foam. In hindsight I wish I had just originally bought the 10 lb bag of memory foam, but 7.5 did get the job done.

This stuff is great! I ordered a 5lb bag twice. The first time it was a lot smaller than I expected and it didn't go as far as I thought it should. I ordered another and it was twice as big. So I think I got sent the wrong size with first shipment but I didn't have anything to prove it was wrong so I didn't pursue getting it fixed. It truly does expand like crazy once you open it and fluff it and it's good quality memory foam. Very happy with the product.

I originally ordered some foam from a different seller on Amazon, which was advertised as memory foam, but was clearly not even mostly real memory foam, and still had many pieces of the foam crust (something I didn't know existed, but if you're shopping around for shredded memory foam, you should look that up and be aware that some foam sellers include the crust. not soft, it's like getting pieces of hard plastic in your shredded foam). That being said, I sent that stuff back and ordered this Linenspa shredded foam instead (the blue, mixed one) in the 10 lb, and I'm very happy with it. It comes vacuum packed in a cloth bag that is rolled up tightly, and I noticed some other reviewers on here were unhappy with that, but once you open it and let it expand it really is a LOT of foam. See my photos, it filled up 6 boxes. I have a 41" bean bag chair that already had bean pellets in it, so it is still not quite enough to fill up a large bean bag chair, but that is just the way these things are, you need a lot of filling for your large chairs. The foam itself was beautiful soft real gel memory foam, just as advertised, and very comfortable. It does seem to have compacted noticeably in a few weeks, so will need to be refilled eventually but foam is known for that, I think. If you're aware that it may compact a bit, it's still a good buy, I'd recommend this foam. Pretty happy with this, especially as it turned out to be correctly advertised. :)

So wow!!! This stuff is amazing! Why am I just now finding this! I had two very expensive, shredded memory foam pillows, that happened to have zippers to refill.i looked for foam, refill foam, not expecting much. I got this and was able to refill, to the max, the two king size pillows I have and more. I also took two king size allergy covers, because they have zippers, and filled them to the brim! After all that, I had a little bit left, that I stored in another allergy cover I had. I cant understand why linenspa pillows aren't zippered ro refill, I ordered a set of standard size ones, but just use ALLERGY COVERS with thus refill, and skip buying pillows! I got four king size pillows from this bag!

I did a lot of research looking for extra filler for my bean bag chair. I took a chance on this even though there were some bad reviews (less filler than in the description, smells, weird things mixed in etc.). What I got was a bag of perfectly usable, clean bits of memory foam chunks. There was no harsh chemical smell. They were all uniform in size and basically a uniform color. I weighed the bag o’ foam before I opened it and found that it was actually 2 pounds heavier than the description. The documentation included gives instructions on how to keep all of the foam from taking over your house. No matter what you do you will find random pieces of foam.

People think they have received a pillow and send it back but it's not a pillow, it's just the way it is packaged. I weighed both bags of 5lbs and was exactly what I paid for, 5lbs of foam each. Foam is pretty good. More white than blue in the first bag but got almost pure blue on the second so it kinda balanced out. It also had some smell characteristic of memory foam but it goes away quickly. Used it to fill a reading pillow and used 1.3 bags.

This shredded memory foam worked great for fixing a bunch of flat cotton pillows. I replaced the old cotton stuffing with this memory foam. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I even had leftover to make some new decorative pillows.