• MULTIPLE USES – The motorcycle front & rear wheel lift stand can be used together or separately; By supporting the vehicle, it makes it easy for people to clean and maintain their bikes at home or in repair shops
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS – Made of high-quality steel with a black powder coated finish, they will not rust and are durable enough for lifetime use; Purchase once, use for a lifetime
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Easy to assemble and disassemble, it is the ideal and necessary tool for racetrack and road motorcycles; With 4 roll wheels, moving the vehicle gets easier, saving unnecessary effort
  • SATY&RELIABLE – With a capacity of 440lbs each, it is stable and safe enough to lift up the front and rear wheels of your vehicle for easy maintenance and repair situations
  • EXCELLENT DESIGN – It is suitable for most bikes and motorcycles due to the adjustable design, allowing you to adjust the stand for different occasions

My son and I flip a ton of bikes. We always have one or two in the shop getting torn down and rebuilt, and at least another one just getting serviced on one way or another. We don't have unlimited space, so these are really helpful. IN addition to making it easier to work on the bike while it is stabilized, it also is great for sliding bikes in for storage. This really helps as we have projects stack up on us, we can slide them into a back corner easily, and slide them back out too. So I really like that they are made of powder coated steel. Instead of flimsy aluminum, or pop steel, these are heavy, and solid. Just like I want in my shop. When I'm throwing bikes around, I need to know that they can take my daily abuse of my equipment. ALso, I don't have little dirt bikes, we are mostly dealing with heavy cruisers, 1500, and 1800CC bikes and above... These are heavy bikes, and these stands hold them up great. If you are using them on big bikes, you will need a bit of muscle/weight yourself to counter balance the bike onto these, but that said, thate are like almost no moving parts to fail. Simple leverage. While a lift table is the best way to work on your bike, these are a close second, and FAR more financially accessible. On a dollar to function ratio, it is really great. For under $100, it will make your life so much easier working with these, especially if your bike doesn't hae a center stand. It stabilizes, and just makes it a lot easier.

I had a Kawasaki Vulcan Meanstreak 1500 cc (~700 lb bike) on these for a couple of months. Outside. In heavy wind. Never had any problems. It was completely stable. It did take two of us to put it up on the stands, but the stands were wide enough to keep that from being a problem. I would caution anyone getting these to be careful on how you assemble the front stand. It is important to set up the stands so that one of the prongs is under the fork, and the other rests on the back side. When lifted they will distribute the weight evenly.

I use this to hold a Honda Grom and a Honda rebel 300. Very easy to raise and lower your bike and super sturdy. You can remove your tires with ease and safety. Excellent for oil changes another quick maintenance

These are not the kind the use the “spools” on your swing-arm. The rear-stand rubber holders go under both swing-arms and lift the bike’s rear. Very sturdy and recommend at this price. ‘04 SV650S

The beat out there for the price. Package was on time and not damaged. Items I since were perfect with zero flaws. Easy to put together and sturdy as heck. These are heavy duty. I looked at others and decided on these at the last moment. You WONT be disappointed.

Have a MV Augusta 675.. was easy to.assemble and use...

Item arrived when expected. Item is exactly as described.

I was a little nervous putting my GSXR 1000 up on these so I had a couple people ready to catch it if necessary, but its really sturdy. Took some fidgeting with it to get it lined up but after that went right up first try.