• Adjustable and Extendable:This tripod has 3 adjustable quick leg locks that can extend from 16 inches to up to 55 inches in height. Height-adjustable, 55-inch light tripod is 5 inches longer than other common tripods,adjustable from 16-55 height level to very convenient use)
  • Stability:The tripod is made of high quality aluminum, the maximum load capacity is 6.6 LB. Larger board and three-way head, which can protect your camera compared to other tripods with narrow boards,with greater stability, the easy-to-handle tilt and pitch angle handles can meet the user's more needsbegging
  • Lightweight and Portable:This tripod is light and compact, and can be folded easily to save you a lot of space. Tripod fits in a suitcase and can travel around the world. A high-quality zippered storage bag provides you with easy carrying and secure storage for adventure or hiking.
  • 3-Way Pan Head Tripod with Level Bubble:The head has a screw attachment for most laser spirit levels or cameras, and a camera tripod with a convenient handle and built-in level can rotate and select horizontal or vertical camera mode. Tripod is fully adjustable and can be tilted and rotated to capture the perfect photo if you are a photography fan
  • Quick-Release Mounting Plate:The tripod's quick-release mounting plate makes it easy to remove your camera from the tripod, helping to ensure fast transitions between shots and for quickly moving from location to location

Unlike some of the REALLY cheap tripods, this has all of the features a traveling (as in, backpacking) weekend photographer like me needs. No, it's not as beefy as the multi-pound beasts, but at 1.3 lbs it's truly amazing. Comes with a handy travel bag that has an easy-close strap that doubles as a shoulder strap. This is perfect for my lightweight point-and-shoot camera (Canon G5X II), and unlike some comparably priced units, it includes a quick-release mount AND a phone mount. Also, each leg can be set and locked at any length, and there's no requirement to push the legs back in "by exactly an inch" as you find on some other products (what's THAT about???). I can have this out of the bag, set up and shooting in less than a minute, even on a hillside. In case you hadn't guessed, I like this product.

Great little beginners tripod, perfect for a kids present. Very light and it comes with the phone holder. I had no problem using the whole set for my timelapse on the phone. It was able to hold my dslr as well.

Great cheap tripod that's lightweight and can get thrown around without a 2nd thought. Would recommend

This is a nice inexpensive tripod for someone with the need for a fairly good sized tripod for their phone that isn't too heavy to drag around. The phone holder expands very wide and it had no trouble holding my Galaxy Note 9. This will work great for me as a secondary tripod when I'm out shooting timelapse and want a second camera or phone to shoot with but don't want the extra weight of another full size tripod. I tested it with my Sony A7RIII with a 24-70mm lens and will say I probably will only put something that heavy on when I'm in a pinch as it didn't feel super safe, although it did hold up. I would recommend buying this primarily for smaller cameras or for use with you phone. Would work great for BTS footage when you are out shooting solo or for those that have tried doing timelapse on your phone, a tripod like this will help you out immensely.

PHOPIK Lightweight Phone Tripod is such an amazing product. Not only is it light and easy to carry, but it doesn’t take up a lot of room and you can store it very easily! This product has helped me so much with my father being in a band and not having to hold my arm up the entire night to record him playing music. It doesn’t get in the way of anyone watching and I now have free movable arms that allows me to do other things which watching him! I highly recommend this product! Especially for anyone who wants to create videos or take selfies! This is great for when you want to do a self timer photo also!!

Right out of the box, this tripod is easy to use and very flexible. I like its versatility and compact style when folded. It if feature rich in adjustment and the added cell phone clamp is the icing g on the cake. Highly reccomended

I fell in love with this tripod! Simply because it is lightweight, very easy to carry around. It fits perfectly for my smart phone, and it’s a great buy for the price! I highly recommend this tripod to anyone!

This tripod is super compact, lightweight, and can fit easily in most backpacks. The phone mount that comes with it is super useful and adjustable to fit a variety of phone sizes. This is my new go to travel tripod due to how compact and light it is, I would highly recommend buying!

Portability and utility. This thing is lightweight and tiny. Yet it stands tall and has a phone mount , so useful and cheap compare to other tripods I’ve had. Super value

first of all the portable size of the tripod lets you even store in backpack so I can easily carry it around Despite the size its very sturdy as you can see its pretty thick for a smartphone tripod unlike most of other tripods in similar price range. The smartphone grip is also very sturdy its not one of those stretch-to-fit kind, but its a screw so theres no risk of slipping off or malfunction in gripping. Best part is I can mount my DSLR camera just fine. After detaching the smartphone grip i just screw in my Nikon and i had fun shooting in low lights Theres also water leveler which is nice touch by Phopik guys I just wish there was some kind of hook to attach on my backpack so i dont have to constantly stop and put it in my backpack when i dont want to hold it in my hands. Overall this is a great purchase of solid tripod for just simple shooting day! Check out more pictures i took using this tripod on @sparkshotz