• 【Pink essential emergency roadside kit】For you to deal with most possible accidents, we provide compact and practical ladies pink roadside emergency car accessories-including pink jumper, safety hammer, traction rope, hand flashlight, anti-skid adhesive Point gloves, tire pressure gauge, whistle with compass, snow shovel, reflective triangle warning frame, safety vest and pink waterproof storage tote. In addition, you will get a fully equipped first aid kit.
  • 【Roadside Assistance for Small Car Emergency】This pink roadside emergency kit contains all the basic necessities that every lady should carry in her car. If your car, truck or RV is in winter weather, road trips, the battery is dead, minor failures and other driving accidents, our emergency car kit is an essential travel companion and winter car kit, regardless Wherever you are, you must always be prepared.
  • 【Easy to carry】All tools are listed in a sturdy, soft and fashionable pink bag, which is very space-saving and can be placed anywhere in the trunk, rear seat or spare tire box. It is a must-have kit for your girlfriend, daughter, wife or mother's car. It's light and compact, but it can still hold everything you need for unexpected events in life. It also has conspicuous reflective strips to increase the field of vision of other drivers.
  • 【Perfect gift for teen girls and ladies drivers】The pink and beautiful roadside assistance kit is a practical gift idea, a useful and necessary device, and is a favorite for new drivers, experienced drivers or anyone who owns a car Gifts, and especially suitable for young girls and ladies drivers, this is an intimate gift that can be used for birthdays, Easter, congratulations, Christmas, graduation, etc.! Imagine if you give them real help in an emergency, they will be very grateful.
  • 【After-sales service】Each accessory in this emergency kit is a safe, high-quality product. This jumper is made of pure copper wire core to get your car back on track quickly, and everyone should have one of them in every car. We commit to creating and producing our products in the best way. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with the product, please contact us immediately and we will serve you first.

Really nice set, packaged in sturdy, small bag. Everything seems like good quality. It’s one of those things that you hope you never need to use, but it’s there if you need it. My teenage daughter was impressed with how cute it is. My husband was impressed with the quality and thought put into each item in it. The only thing I would possibly add would be a better first aid kit, but we can add to the one it has. Nice, bright, compact and handy.

This roadside kit is not only adorable but the quality is excellent! I have had trouble with my battery in the past and never have jumper cables in my car. I was at the grocery store asking everyone if they had jumper cables and no one did! That’s when I decided I needed to get a kit that would have all the things I might need if having car trouble. I wanted something cute and practical, and this fit the bill perfectly. They thought of everything with this kit, so you will be prepared for any issue that arises. It is absolutely adorable and the quality of all the products is top notch. The first aid kit that is included is precious and has these cute little scissors! And I’m so glad to have a glass break hammer in case I ever get trapped. I would recommend this kit for all women and teenage girls!! It’s so comforting knowing I am prepared if anything goes wrong. Buy this kit! You will be glad you did.

This was such a great buy! It had everything I can think of for a car emergency. Well thought out kit. I highly recommend everyone have this kit in there trunk and maybe of course keep the window breaker/seat belt cutter next to you. Makes a great gift to someone you care about too, they would appreciate such a caring gift.

The items inside were well packaged. Besides the flashlight, the items in this package seem durable enough, and well made. The flashlight didn’t quite work. The piece where you’d squeeze the flashlight to crank up the battery was stuck so it only works if you flip the switch for the battery. But once that battery is dead, the flashlight would be useless. Not sure if you can change the batteries on it, I tossed mine.

I love it. It's super cute and girly, i don't regret this purchase.

A very nice little kids to have in the car for any one woman teenager who ever everything inside that you need case of an emergency other than like a spare tire and a tire iron and a jack but usually a car has them in them it fits perfectly in the trunk it's all kept together in a little bag my girlfriend loves it and she's already had to use it twice so I definitely recommend this for someone looking it's nice to have around

Very nice put together package!! Everything you need for a roadside emergency!! Seems to be heavy duty cables and great quality!! I will feel better for my daughter being out on the road now!!

Love this jumper set makes everything that much faster! Now you don’t have to depend on someone else to hold one end of the cables. They will not allow you to put them on backwards on the quick connect side! Love this product and definitely recommend it! I’ll be buying a set for all my cars!

Gave as a gift, so can’t commit on how easy it is to use, but all the items we’re in the package