• HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made of a sturdy metal frame, which makes the whole structure hard and firm; Avoiding the breakage of Stands to a great extent, making the stands more convenient to use, providing you with a comfortable protection and making yourself safer when manipulating the motorcycle
  • EASY TO SETUP - There are few accessories and only a few parts; It is very simple and easy to assemble; It only takes a few minutes to fully assemble a motorcycle wheel lift stand, and it is also very strong and firm
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION - The motorcycle wheel stands can make it easier for you to clean the dirt of the motorcycle; It can also help you save energy when you modify the motorcycle and lift your beloved motorcycle in a safer way; A trustworthy product for you and your motorcycle
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Can be adjusted widely, so that the motorcycle wheel stands can meet a variety of models,the internal bayonet telescopic size reaches 26-36CM; Flexible adjustable motorcycle wheel stand is the excellent choice for your motorcycle
  • VARIOUS APPLICATION - Will lift all sport bikes as long as within the adjustable width, and can fits sport bikes of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha

I bought this for my 2018 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS. It's really hard to select a motorcycle stand; so many of the ones offered are described as suitable for sport bikes, but the Vulcan S is a unique beast; at it's heart is a Kawasaki Ninja 650... but it's configured as a cruiser bike. I took a chance on this particular stand, and it worked out fine. It appears to be well made, and more than strong enough. The stand came with a pair of spools, but I already had purchased 10mm spools for my bike. I don't know what the spec is, on the spools that were supplied. Getting the bike up on the stand was easy; with a piece of 2 x 4 laid flat under the kickstand, the bike is very nearly vertical... all it takes is to position the saddles under the spools, and push down hard on the handle. The bike feels quite stable, once up on the stand.

I was a little hesitant to buy this at first as it had little reviews, but was definitely worth the chance! Rear stand was easy to assemble, build quality is excellent for the price point! The bolts for the spools were too large for my motorcycle (2019 ZX6R) however it was at no fault to the seller. It came with 10mm bolts I believe, but I needed 8mm bolts. A quick trip to the store and I was set. Bike was easy to raise with the stand and once it was on the stand, was extremely sturdy on flat ground. I have had no issues at all with this product and would definitely recommend this if you aren’t trying to go broke with other brands of stands.

This is a marvelous product that won't touch your bikes chain or the inner rim for the bike. Wish i did my research and got this instead of what i got on eBay. This product won't let you down worked perfectly for me since i have a 2016 Yamaha R3 and it also came with extra spools. This product attaches to the spools. Wish they had one for the front but in conclusion its a great product.

have to buy extra Swingarm Spool and the frame is really flimsy but works (you get what you pay ) the seller is really nice he offers me a new spool and so far the stand works well on the end is worth it the price I recommend

I used this to lift my MT09. It's easy to use with one person and effortlessly lifts my bike. I would highly recommend.

Using the stand is as simple as it can get. Good purchase.

Pretty easy to put together and seems sturdy enough, used it for an oil change and chain cleaning and worked great

Awesome product easy too assemble great pur base 😁

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