• ★ 348-PIECE FIRST AID KIT : The World's ONLY First Aid Kit with Double-Sided Front & Back Opening
  • HEAVY DUTY HARD CASE : Built to Last in Toughest Environments & Roadside Assistance Tools
  • JUMPER CABLES (12-FOOT) : Jump Battery w/ Heavy Duty 8 Gauge Cables for Truck, Pickups, Jeep or Car
  • ROADSIDE TOOLS: Tire Pressure Gauge, Reflective Safety Vest, Wool Gloves, Screwdriver, Poncho & More
  • BONUS MINI-FIRST AID KIT: Travel Size, Nylon Mini-Kit fits in glove box with 32 Emergency Items
  • APPROVED & TRUSTED: Swiss Safe Guarantees Customer Satisfaction or Receive a 100% Refund.

New car, new emergency kit. I’ve had one in every car I’ve owned and this one is by far the best. Everything fits neatly in slim cases which fit great in a organizer tote in my car. I recommend this 100% It’s a great gift idea also.

I bought this for my son's car. It eases my mind knowing he'll have what he needs should that time come. I will be buying another for our car. Thank you!

So I'm such a dummy. I totally did not realize that this case had two sides to it. I'm leaving my original review here just so everyone can see my mistake and if they receive this they look at both sides. It's exactly like it said and I changed my review to 5 stars. I received this and didn't get anything but bandages and wipes in the first aid kit. As you can see from the pictures the mini first aid kit is completely missing and only bandages and wipes in main first aid kit. Gave it 2 stars because the roadside kit did have everything as described. Would like a full first aid kit though. Hoping seller will rectify the situation.

I am very pleased with this roadside kit! I bought it for my grandson for his sixteenth birthday. He just got his driver's license (first try :)) and I wanted something for his car. What better gift than something that watches out for his safety and well-being, as well as for the safety and well-being of others if he comes across an accident during his travels. And he really likes it, too!! It's really good quality and should last him for many years.

It is a complete Emergency kit for my Vehicle. It has an extensive first aid kit, as well as everything you would need if you were having mechanical difficulties with your vehicle. I was impressed with all the items that were included in this kit, and for an awesome price. I feel safer now knowing that I am prepared for emergencies.

I was very impressed with the quality of these products! Considering the price was so cheap I was worried that I would have been giving up a little bit of quality of the product. However, that is not the case! It can with a structurally sound case as well as high quality items! I will be buying this as gifts for everyone I know! Keep up the great work!

A very nice set! I added a few things to make it more complete, but overall good value.

So far I’m very impressed with the seller. Prompt delivery. Nice packaging. Seller contacted me to thank me for my purchase. This is a gift for my daughter so it hasn’t been used but I examined the items and everything looks great. It’s the kind of gift you hope never needs to be used but I’d highly recommend this product and this seller.

I am really pleased with everything that is included in this kit. I plan to make this set my go to gift for friends and family when they purchase a new car. I always like to keep emergency medical and road side assistance tools handy in my vehicle. This kit was just perfect!

Gave this to grandson for his first car. Awesome gift