• Ideal for airbrushing, watercolor effects and screen-printing.
  • Set includes Transparent Burnt Sienna, Transparent Burnt Umber, and Transparent Raw Sienna.
  • Conformable

Liquitex Acrylic Inks are fabulous to work with! They have excellent flow, pigmentation is perfect, metallics show bright and vibrant on every surface I have tried them on (paper, wood, metal, fabric). As a mixed media artist, these are a vital part of my supply list.

Easy to use. Beautiful colors! Lota of fun to do.

This is a must-have for any hobbyist artist professional, someone who thinks they might like to start drawing, for someone who's been drawing for years. High quality acrylic lightfast ink withdraw it's waterproof. I use this for under paintings and coloring my illustrations. He's inks are so colorful and vibrant.

I love these new acrylic inks! Stong vibrant colors that I can manipulate Better then “creamy” tube acrylic. A blast to work with!

It came shrink wrapped, and it is for a gift, so I don't want to open it. But it is in very good condition and is exactly as advertised, and there is no reason to believe there will be a problem with it when it's opened. Item: Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink! Essential Set, Multiple Colors, Set of 6 (3699314)

So far I have used these bottles with fine tips for applying masking fluid and drops of alcohol for my Art Journal pages. Love that they come with attached caps.

It wouldn't be Liquitex if an expected quality and performance weren't expected, because they never let you down! Throughout all of their products carrying their name, there's a guaranteed vein of standards present always, regardless of type of product you can always expect the best.

Me encanta el color tan intenso que tienen estás tintas!!! Recomendadas plenamente!

I needed to have some better detail definition for airbrushed Gundam parts. I had previously tried to dilute regular acrylic airbrush paint but it did a terrible job. My nephew suggested I buy a dedicated product for the job and through my research I landed on Liquitex Ink. This stuff is better than I hoped for. Brush on the parts an let dry. All that's left to do is remove the excess ink with a damp Q-tip. I'm impressed.

She didn't know if they were good, but as soon as they arrived, she paint something and she really liked it.